1.3.022519: bugs fix & queue monitoring section.

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1.3.022519: bugs fix & queue monitoring section.

New postby admin » Wed Feb 25, 2009 6:41 pm

Add new postfix parameters : empty_address_recipient,2bounce_notice_recipient,bounce_notice_recipient,error_notice_recipient,delay_notice_recipient,address_verify_sender
Fix unable to activate Kaspersky Anti-Spam in main.cf
fix error: nss_ldap: could not determine LDAP server from ldap.conf or DNS
Change fetchmail section, more design and interface game play.
Change Samba section, more design and interface game play.
Support http://www.sanesecurity.com/usage.htm patterns addons in amavis.
Support Kaspersky For Samba in Application Setup center
Support Kaspersky For Samba License feature.
Improve the Postfix queue monitoring section.
Add a new feature to allow change user unique identifier
Fix 100% CPU with mailgraph, artica will change the init script in ordrer to set the right parameters to mailgraph.
Fix error while starting cyrus-imap: Artica try to repair always mailboxes even the cyrus health is good.
IN ARTICA-ISO, amavisd-new is enabled by default.

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