1.3.041601: support c-icap and improve Dansguardian

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1.3.041601: support c-icap and improve Dansguardian

New postby admin » Wed Apr 15, 2009 11:44 pm

Adding libclamav-dev in setup-ubuntu,setup-debian and Artica-ISO,clamav-dev in setup-centos
Adding squid3 stable 14 20090413 in artica repository server
Support C-ICAP in order to link clamav with Squid
Support Clamav in Dansguardian
Support SquidGard updates in Dansguardian.
Fix viruses pass trough the Kaspersky For Squid (bad squid.conf configuration file).
Fix permissions error on Kaspersky For squid.
Fix settings when set auth mode in Artica notifications.
Fix error "/var/spool/postfix/var/run/amavisd-new/amavisd-new.sock" in postfix when using only default settings without changing Amavis parametres for the first time.
Major bugs fixing in dansguardian
Improve Samba detection in memory and samba status.
Improve logon page by reducing it's loading size.
Adding a 5 seconds SMTP timeout in Artica-notifs function in order to prevent full process execution queue of cron.
Adding c-icap in Setup Application center.
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