1.3.041701: bugs fixing & improve dansguardian

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1.3.041701: bugs fixing & improve dansguardian

New postby admin » Thu Apr 16, 2009 11:32 pm

Adding possibility to change the logo image by adding /etc/artica-postfix/settings/Daemons/ArticaLogonImage file
Adding possibility to disable SSH Control top menu adding "1" in /etc/artica-postfix/settings/Daemons/DisableSSHControl file
Fix Dansgardian error "Error reading file: /etc/dansguardian/filtergroupslist"
Fix ICAP error when POST datas with Kaspersky for SQUID
Fix artica-ldap error while saving dansguardian configuration file.
Adding possibilty to add whitelisted web sites in DansGuardian default rule.
New design for Milter-greylist section and fix apply settings parameters.
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