1.3.050102: improvements & bugs fix

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1.3.050102: improvements & bugs fix

New postby admin » Fri May 01, 2009 1:02 am

Increase the polling time of SaneSecurity updates to each 4 Hours
Increase the polling time for artica-notif execution (now each 5 minutes instead 10 seconds)
Adding automatically /home/* directories creation when adding a new user (background scanning each 5 minutes)
Adding possibility to enable/disable clamav antivirus scanner in dansguardian
Adding possibility to change weighted phrases list for Default rule in DansGuardian.
Adding possibility to let users adding banned web sites in exception sites list (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/web-prox ... -web-sites)

Adding automatically checking new Clamav Engine Every 5 days at 2H30 morning
Fix Server responded: -ERR Login failed when not using multi-organizations behavior on @OpenMail
Fix error creating mailbox when multidomains feature is selected
Fix error (!)custom checks error: No such object at /usr/share/artica-postfix/bin/install/amavis/check-external-users.conf line 893
Fix incompatibility with dansguardian and ClamAV when Postfix is installed on the same computer.
Add Amavisd-new 2.6.3 in repository server for Application Setup center
Adding "ldap ssl=no" for samba, sometimes samba try to connect by TLS on the LDAP server when the token is not added.
Adding a new feature that display mail events logs (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/menudocm ... fix-events)
Adding a checking that disallow creating a user with the same user id.
Rebuild the "Add new user" function in an organisation section.

Improve french translation and refresh French translation.
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