1.3.051520: bugs fix, pflogsumm support & Countries filters

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1.3.051520: bugs fix, pflogsumm support & Countries filters

New postby admin » Fri May 15, 2009 6:08 pm

fix cron error : Error: bad day-of-month; while reading /etc/cron.d/artica-autolearn, to fix this behavior auto-learn, you need to save again the schedule in auto-learn feature
Delete SMTP notifications Artica daemon was stopped/started
Adding a verification check in order to reduce the number of notifications sended each 5 minutes

Add TLS compliance for Artica notification in order to send mails trough GMail.
You need to upgrade artica-msmtp to enable the TLS compliance.
(see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/artica-a ... l-account-)

Add a new feature that send a summarize messaging report by day (pflogsumm)
(see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/menudocm ... l-each-day)

Add possibility to install/upgrade Spamassassin trough Applications Setup Center

Adding possibility to add SpamAssassin scores for specific countries.
(see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/menudocm ... massassion)
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