1.3.052201: bugs fix and Per user Address Book feature

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1.3.052201: bugs fix and Per user Address Book feature

New postby admin » Fri May 22, 2009 10:30 am

Adding an automatic recovery function when artica detect DBERROR: skiplist recovery /var/lib/cyrus*.seen: ADD at * exists;
Fix error :KAVMilter Error(107): Cannot read group configuration file: /etc/kav/5.6/kavmilter/groups.d/default.conf

Possibility to use the local server engine when programming the Postfix report by eMail.

Improve ssl certificates generation for Postfix TLS.

Improve artica-mailarchive that change it's behavior according Mysql status

Add a new feature that allow to repair Mysql Databases.

Improve and fix mailboxes creation in multi-domains envrionnement.
The LDAP structure has been modified in order to store multiples Address Books
(see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/artica-a ... ress-books)
* Warning Change the LDAP structure, the automatic upgrade procedure has been tested and should works perfectly .

OpenLDAP now is turned in SSL mode to serve outside connections.
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