1.3.061218: bugs fix

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1.3.061218: bugs fix

New postby admin » Fri Jun 12, 2009 5:29 pm

fix error :Error number 32 Action:LDAP add dn:cn=PostfixFilesStorage,cn=artica.. No such object****
fix error :unable to add a new bind9 DNS Zone
Fix error that Artica did not handle clamav-milter configuration file.
Fix unable to display the button "save" in user account.

Add a new function that verify if servername value is correcly added in cyrus-imap configuration file.
Fix fetchmail error when rebooting the system. The system chown the fetchmailrc with fetchmail:root user instead root:root user.
improve artica-mailarchive quarantine detection and performances.
Adding a new feature that compress amavis.log if the size is more than 150Mb
Update the Artica update server to postfix 2.6.2
Improve vacation process and calculation.
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