1.3.061920: Pure-ftpd rebuild section & bugs fix

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1.3.061920: Pure-ftpd rebuild section & bugs fix

New postby admin » Fri Jun 19, 2009 6:42 pm

Fix artica is not able to stop cyrus-imap a start always new cyrus daemon that freeze connections.
Fix artica is not able to detect if cyrus-imapd is in memory.
Fix cyrus-imap configuration settings in CentOS/SuSe/fedora systems.
Fix unable to save HTTP proxy settings in Artica.
Fix user is not able to save address informations.
Fix error increment the rules number in Dansguardian.
Improve UidNumber calculation in accounts profiles.
Improve accents insertion in user addresses informations

Rebuild the pure-ftpd section, now all users are really stored in LDAP database.(old users must install newest pure-ftpd version)
Adding new feature to display currents connections on the FTP server.

remove syslog "tcollectd.PHP_DATA_DIR():: Warning unable to stat datadir path for collectd" (this is not an useful information).
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