1.3.071301: bugs fix & OpenGoo support

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1.3.071301: bugs fix & OpenGoo support

New postby admin » Sun Jul 12, 2009 11:18 pm

System Changes:
1.3.070722: Adding a new function that clean Obm users table automatically when user have no login data.
1.3.070722: Add a new feature that allow administrator to debug an IMAP connection for a specific user.(see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/menudocm ... ugh-artica)
1.3.070722: Add a new feature for perform repair on LDAP Artica Branch (/usr/share/artica-postfix/bin/artica-backup --repair-artica-branch)
1.3.070722: Add a new feature in order to check saslauthd LDAP configuration and imapd.conf LDAP configuration in order to detect corrupted parameters.
1.3.070722: Fix wrong chmod on /dev/null When parsing HomeDirectory users LDAP attribute.
1.3.070802: Add a new feature that allow administrators to link local folders to a specific user home directory.(see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/samba-fi ... ctory-user)
1.3.070901: fix wrong permissions when a user have Samba Administration privileges in it's area.
1.3.071002: Adding a new feature that delete install status when refreshing the index status in Setup Application center
1.3.071002: Adding a new feature that allow you to display BIOS informations on your computer (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/artica-a ... formations)
1.3.071301: Fix error installing OBM PHP in CentOS distribution.
1.3.071301: Support OpenGoo has the famous Open source groupware (there is some troubles according IMAP function in OpenGOO).

InstantSearch changes
1.3.070722: Introduce the next projet generation (InstantSearch) with xapian library.
1.3.070901: Insert first front-end "InstanSearch" options with xapian library.
1.3.071002: Encrypt files links when users wants to download files trough InstantSearch.
1.3.071301: Adding InstantSearch events that display statistics about server indexes.
1.3.071301: Change instantSearch crawl settings to parse server each hour, not minutes.

Messaging changes
1.3.071015: change the user front-end for vacation messages when cyrus-imap is installed, the front-end will change from gnwarl to sieve.
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