1.3.100511: Bugs fix

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1.3.100511: Bugs fix

New postby admin » Mon Oct 05, 2009 11:09 am

Messaging Changes:
1.3.092822: Fix wrong cyradm path when upgrading cyrus-imap trough Setup center.
1.3.100317: Fix unable to disable RoundCube plugins.
1.3.100320: Adding ISP list in order to help getting ISP mailbox informations easly.
1.3.100420: Rebuild the procedure to talk with mailbox ISP.

Interface Changes:
1.3.092822: Add a timeout ajax feature on organization area .
1.3.100213: Fix ajax error on Manage organization item
1.3.100213: Adding Ajax time-out on mange groups section in organization.
1.3.100213: Adding new possibilities to organize widgets.
1.3.100213: Fix error cannot access to folder properties in Samba tree browser.
1.3.100216: Fix error saving configuration file on Active Directory Importation feature.
1.3.100317: Adding a new interface notfication that force administrator to upgrade the msmtp software in order to enable authentication feature.
1.3.100511: Unlock possibility to change port of apache-groupware

Proxy Changes:
1.3.100213: Add a new feature that try to investigate the problem when Dansguardian won't start.

System changes:
1.3.100217: Adding set_flags DB_LOG_AUTOREMOVE in ldap configuration in order to automatically remove old LDAP logs
1.3.100300: Adding new feature that allow to change the mysql administrator password and username in mysql server directly.
1.3.100317: Adding administrator recipient notifications in Crontab scheduler.
1.3.100420: Adding a new function that clean php sessions durening the Apache/lighttpd reboot.
1.3.100420: Improve the Change Manager password feature by apply LDAP password in all softwares configuration.
1.3.100420: Remove polluate notification "corrupted cyrus configuration.."

File Sharing changes:
1.3.100317: Removing LDAP error when trying to add new user nobody.
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