1.3.101802: Bugs fix and NFS support

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1.3.101802: Bugs fix and NFS support

New postby admin » Sun Oct 18, 2009 12:42 am

System changes:
1.3.100611: Adding possibility to change the Apache standard port in order to prevent port conflicts with other http engines managed by artica.
1.3.100619: Fix sessions configuration errors on Apache when Artica front-end is stored on Apache server or for Groupware softwares (SugraCRM,Joomla...).
1.3.101111: Rebuild the USB manager by a Device control center that able to mount dynamically devices with autofs package.
1.3.101412: PHP errors are now generated in background and stored into a log file.
1.3.101619: Fix wrong status of Automount service

File Sharing changes:
1.3.100611: Add a new feature that allow administrator to rebuild Samba system parameters (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/samba-fi ... parameters)
1.3.100618: Improve/Fix shared folders in group section.
1.3.100618: Shared Folder now can be used with Samba AND pure-ftpd
1.3.101412: Adding possibility to enable/disable roaming profiles.
1.3.101619: Adding possibility to share folders trough network using NFS protocol.
1.3.101801: Fix unable to connect to PDC with roaming mode enabled.
1.3.101801: Fix unable to create homes/Profiles directories.

Messaging Changes:
1.3.100611: Adding new token "maxchild" parameters in Cyrus main configuration
1.3.100611: Rebuild the security area in the messaging/Postfix section.
1.3.100616: Add a new function that enforce RoundCube web folders securities.
1.3.101115: Fix wrong Mysql queries on Quarantine Manager feature.
1.3.101117: Add a new feature that clean old smtp events in Mysql database.
1.3.101612: Adding possibility to install directly roundCube 3.0
1.3.101801: Fix unable to list cyrus mailboxes quotas.
1.3.101801: Fix unable to make operations on mailboxes after changing the global Manager password
1.3.101801: Fix unable to see status of Roundcube database.

Interface Changes:
1.3.101612: Adding possibility to delete mailboxes when deleting a global Organization
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