1.3.102402: bugs fix

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1.3.102402: bugs fix

New postby admin » Sat Oct 24, 2009 12:30 am

Messaging Changes:
1.3.101911: Fix error parsing fetchmail rules.
1.3.101911: Improve Cluster configuration (now the LDAP database is sended to the replica.).

System changes:
1.3.102023: Improve the "browse computers" section.
1.3.102023: LDAP database is replicated each update processing on the cluster replica.
1.3.102023: Adding "Network resources" in computer section and Auto-mount center section in order to play with mounting systems.

Interface Changes:
1.3.102114: Updating it,es,fr languages.
1.3.102302: Updating es,fr languages.

Messaging Changes:
1.3.102302: Adding possibility to import email aliases in import from a text file in group section.
1.3.102302: Ensure that if milter-greylist is disabled it is really disabled on the system.

File Sharing changes:
1.3.102302: Disabling the roaming profile in the samba section will delete all roaming attributes in each user LDAP branch in order to really disable this feature.
1.3.102302: currently there is now way to upgrade to Samba 3.4.2 version until distributions have no libtalloc version higer than 1.2 supported (require 1.3).
this to Prevent error : undefined symbol _talloc_get_type_abort
We currently make tests if it is possible to upgrade by Make libtalloc to 1.3 without any problems and without break the default system line updates.
1.3.102317: Improve samba start/stop processing.
1.3.102317: Adding possibility to restart autofs service in Shared Folder.
1.3.102317: Improve process when adding a Shared Folder.
1.3.102323: adding possibility to upgrade to Samba 3.4.2
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