1.3.110101: bugs fix & LVM & ubuntu 9.10 support

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1.3.110101: bugs fix & LVM & ubuntu 9.10 support

New postby admin » Sun Nov 01, 2009 12:58 am

System changes:
1.3.102703: Support LVM system
1.3.102802: Adding new notification for CPU Overload.
1.3.102802: Fix unable to rename organization.
1.3.102802: Minors tweaks in Artica boot init.
1.3.102819: Minor tweak on starting NFS daemon (prevent timeout while failed to start NFS server).
1.3.103001: Fix unable to start SMART services on debian system (no set in /etc/default/smartmontools)
1.3.103001: Fix NTP settings are not applied on the server.
1.3.103018: Fix wrong "^M" caracters in ntpd.conf and main.cf file.
1.3.110101: Adding Ubuntu 9.10 support
1.3.110101: introduce Mysql in cluster environment.

Interface Changes:
1.3.102802: Updating it,es,fr,de languages.
1.3.102802: Fix minors bugs on parsing language on some pages.
1.3.102802: Remove "Save & Apply settings" and replace it by the support section.
1.3.103017: Fix accents errors in contact user section.
1.3.110101: Remove global statistics section for Organization administrator.

Messaging Changes:
1.3.103001: Fix cannot show RoundCube 3 plugins in artica interface.
1.3.103001: Adding a new function that verify the Sieve port for sieve roundcube plugins.
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