1.3.110818: bugs fix and antivirus scan on mailboxes

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1.3.110818: bugs fix and antivirus scan on mailboxes

New postby admin » Sun Nov 08, 2009 6:51 pm

Interface Changes:
1.3.110214: Update fr language.
1.3.110214: Adding possibility to rename a group.
1.3.110301: Update fr language.
1.3.110313: Update fr language.
1.3.110500: Update fr language.
1.3.110518: Update fr language.
1.3.110602: Update fr language.
1.3.110818: Update fr language.
1.3.110818: Support accents in the interface.
1.3.110818: Change the search users feature that is now detached from the background page.

Messaging Changes:
1.3.110301: Produce monthly SMTP statistics.(see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/menudocm ... ng-reports)
1.3.110313: Adding Postfix Instant IpTables's white list in policyd white list.
1.3.110318: Introduce IMAP/Pop3 connections statistiques.
1.3.110318: Improve logs detections in SMTP Realtime monitor.
1.3.110413: Adding zoom function in monthly SMTP reports
1.3.110413: Remove cyrus-imapd error: Hard drive is over performances notification for sterlimit cyrus error.
1.3.110413: Adding IMAP/POP3 connexions statistics.
1.3.110500: Adding possibility to send emailing to users of an organization (inside the organization menus).
1.3.110500: Adding possibility to change cyrus IMAP account password.
1.3.110515: Fix javascript error when display mailboxes list in cyrus imap settings area.
1.3.110515: Fix error list internals domains in main classes.
1.3.110518: Fix unable to delete items in Postfix Instant Iptables rules.
1.3.110518: Adding new function that allow to delete all Postfix Instant Iptables rules.
1.3.110602: Allow to define schedule antivirus scan on the mailboxes database (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/menudocm ... es-storage ).
1.3.110618: Adding new function that able to repair milter-greylist if service is failed to start.
1.3.110818: Adding more features that allow artica to handle errors on Amavis, Spamassassin, clamav.

System changes:
1.3.110500: Adding a new module that detect SSL certificate error when starting lighttpd: "SSL: Private key does not match the certificate public key"
1.3.110618: Fix error in CPU watchdog function.
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