1.3.112300: Performances++ OpenSuse 11.2, Fedora 12 support

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1.3.112300: Performances++ OpenSuse 11.2, Fedora 12 support

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Interface Changes:
1.3.110901: fix unable to edit Fax, and Personnal information/Web site attributes in contact information.
1.3.111218: Create a new "framework" in order to speed artica front-end interface.
1.3.111316: Improve messaging section display speed.
1.3.111520: Improve change mysql username and password procedure.
1.3.111520: Adding swap information in the System monitor.
1.3.111520: Update fr language.
1.3.111523: Update fr language.
1.3.112018: Rebuild the Task manager
1.3.112018: Adding a new verification process in order to detect old users traces datas.
1.3.112018: Fix: Unable to remove mailing lists trough group main area.
1.3.112018: Change link to force admin to change mysql username and password when connection to mysql is failed at the first install.
1.3.112018: Adding a new warning in order to force Admin to change the Manager/Admin password.
1.3.112018: Improve procedure that help you to change manager password.
1.3.112103: Update fr language.

System changes:
1.3.110901: fix many processes "/usr/share/artica-postfix/exec.dstat.top.php" generated
1.3.110901: fix mailgraph process overload CPU (100% CPU )
1.3.110921: improve cpu load on exec.dstat.top.php
1.3.110921: change Artica task"s schedules in order to reduce computer load
1.3.111011: Change Artica notifications on Postfix watchdog queue number in order to not avoid SPAM when a queue growth too quickly
1.3.111019: Introduce remote deployment trough Artica.
1.3.111122: finish remote deployment trough Artica (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/samba-fi ... ugh-artica)
1.3.111218: Adding possibility to add more than one recipient in Artica notifications settings.
1.3.111218: Add a new feature that display Mysql databases and tables.
1.3.111316: Introduce OCS Inventory in Artica !
1.3.111503: Supporting OpenSuse 11.2
1.3.111503: Minors bugs fix
1.3.111513: Adding timezone parameter in Artica Web settings
1.3.111513: Removing skip-bdb in my.cnf mysql configuration file.
1.3.111809: Adding possibility to tune database cache for OpenLDAP server.
1.3.111809: Adding possibility to tune Artica processes pooling frequency.
1.3.111809: Improve refresh status procedure in the front-end admin.
1.3.112018: Supporting Fedora 12.
1.3.112103: fix some trouble on CentOS/Fedora according php modules.
1.3.112103: Improve OpenVPN in tun mode.
1.3.112300: Improve Setup Center refresh infos.
1.3.112300: Adding a watchdog feature that disable spamassassin,amavis,syslog-ng on mysql services if computer memory is under 1Gb memory.

Messaging Changes:
1.3.111000: Fix wrong order of permit_sasl_authenticated & reject_unauth_destination of smtpd_recipient_restrictions in main.cf when playing with securities features in Artica interface
1.3.111000: Delete function that force the daemon to set smtpd_tls_security_level=may (see viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1830)
1.3.111322: Fix milter-greylist was unable to save database file on the disk.
1.3.111322: Improve milter-greylist stop/start procedures.
1.3.111322: Improve milter-greylist version detection.
1.3.112018: Improve postfix queue messages number status.
1.3.112300: Introduce ASSP has an Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy.
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