1.3.121623: Bugs fix and CentOS 5.4 support

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1.3.121623: Bugs fix and CentOS 5.4 support

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Messaging Changes:
1.3.112315: MailGraph is now disabled by default, we have see that in some cases, it should take many CPU/Memory.You need to enable it if you want to get it run.
1.3.112518: Fix unable to access to amavis interface area.
1.3.112818: Add a new feature that roolback the postfix listen port if ASSP is disabled.
1.3.120115: Fix minors bugs according amavis+Postfix.
1.3.120402: Fix minors bugs according monitor.
1.3.120402: Improve main.cf generation by change the file generation. Now it is generated by the Artica daemon instead web server to avoid file memory problems.
1.3.120701: Adding anti-hack features on imap/pop3, if an ip address send wrong password more than 15 times in 60mn, an iptable rule is automatically added.
1.3.121314: Supporting RoundCube 3.1

System changes:
1.3.112315: Remove automatically old ini files in php modules list in order to not avoid Already modules loaded in /var/log/php.log
1.3.112518: Improve boa sub-system process detection expecially on CentOS systems.
1.3.112518: Adding a new backup/restore feature.(see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/artica-a ... unt-center)
1.3.112600: Adding possibility to get the processes list and the memory used in realtime (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/artica-a ... emory-used)
1.3.112818: Increase net_buffer_length and max_allowed_packet mysql attributes values.
1.3.112818: Supporting PowerDNS has the main DNS Server subsystem.
1.3.120115: Adding possibility to install illimited Lundi Matin Business groupware in organizations.
1.3.120116: Adding possibility to install illimited joomla web services in organizations.
1.3.120300: Fixed missing package perl-Module-Build necessary to install amavis en CentOS distribution.
1.3.120300: Fix unable to start DHCP server when listen NIC is dynamically changed to br0 when using OpenVPN server.
1.3.120300: Fix minors bugs on DHCP server.
1.3.120613: Improve Artica SMTP Notifications configuration interface.
1.3.120701: Add a watchdog on ctl_cyrusdb and ctl_mailboxlist, sometimes the process take CPU and stay in memory indefenitively.
1.3.120701: Adding a management front-end for PowerDNS. (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/artica-a ... h-powerdns)
1.3.120823: Improve Mysql performances and artica processes process (in order to limit the number of executed scripts at the same time).
1.3.120922: Minors improvements.
1.3.121200: Change Mysql performances to possibility to define yourself majors Mysql settings.
1.3.121212: Fix Bind9 starting procedure on CentOS 5.4 system.
1.3.121212: Fix missing package php-gd in setup-centos.
1.3.121222: Improve stopping mysql procedure : mysqladmin did not have username & password set in command-line in older versions.
1.3.121312: Supporting CentOS 5.4
1.3.121312: Fix error "eMail notifications are not set" when notifications are really set.

Interface Changes:
1.3.112518: Fix unable to activate "Notify new updates on front-page" on artica Update parameters.
1.3.120523: Speed-up the Messaging loading page section (page is generated in background mode).
1.3.120612: Speed-up the langugage translation engine.
1.3.120815: Improve users and groups deletion method.
1.3.120823: Update Fr language.
1.3.121119: Improve resfresh status on the front-end page.
1.3.121222: Update Fr Language.
1.3.121410: Update Fr Language.
1.3.121410: Adding search user form in the organization area.
1.3.121517: Adding new error detection on SMTP client for notifications.

Proxy Changes:
1.3.112600: Adding possibility to disable entirely the HTTP proxy service (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/web-prox ... xy-service)
1.3.120300: Consolidate Dansguardian configuration: Major change ! parameters has been out of LDAP server and are now stored on Mysql Database for better undertsanding and storing parameters
1.3.120402: Adding a parser logger to perform future statistics.
1.3.120402: Fix minors bugs on DansGuardian Mysql translations.
1.3.121212: Fix mysql database error creation on DansGuardian for storing settings
1.3.121222: Introduce Artica statistics for DansGuardian.
1.3.121517: Add possibility to white or black list an IP address trough DansGuardian

File Sharing changes:
1.3.120116: Fix error setting profiles path in SAMBA PDC (see http://forum.artica.fr/viewtopic.php?f= ... 90&start=0)
1.3.121215: Adding possibility to disable all samba services.
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