1.4.022301: Bugs fix & new features

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1.4.022301: Bugs fix & new features

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Proxy Changes
1.4.012901: Add new tokens VirHTTPServer and VirSaveDir in the interface.
1.4.021817: Add an Artica Dedicated Web interface for C-ICAP viruses detections redirector
1.4.021817: re-design the SQUID interface.
1.4.022102: Fix missing /etc/dansguardian/languages/* files in Mandriva.
1.4.022102: Fix error Error Number (1071) (Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes) when creating mysql tables in DansGuardian
1.4.022102: Fix error creating dansguardian_events Table in Mysql.
1.4.022102: Fix minors errors and compatibility bug in Mandriva and DansGuardian.

Messaging Changes:
1.4.013001: Fix error, SASL did not working while authentication feature is enabled.
1.4.020301: Fix cyrus repair box feature is displayed automatically.
1.4.020301: New design for Mailbox section (cyrus) in messaging.
1.4.020413: Re-design RoundCube section.
1.4.020701: Adding DEFAULT_SERVER_LANGUAGE token in mailman advanced options
1.4.020701: Improve default values for mailman section.
1.4.020701: Installing all mailman languages.
1.4.020916: Fix severals errors when creating mailboxes.
1.4.020916: Remove auto-create domains "vacation.yourdomain.tld", this feature is removed and replaced by sieverules RoundCube Plugins and/or Artica-filter
1.4.020916: Fix error installing sieverules roundcube plugins.
1.4.020916: Adding a new screen notify box in user interface if autoreply vacation is enabled.
1.4.021010: Fix unable to display mailboxes when multidomains is enabled in cyrus configuration.
1.4.021010: Fix unable to add user when upgrading to 1.4.021000 version.
1.4.021012: Adding auto cyrus account creation when adding a new SMTP Domain.
1.4.021201: Fix error in fetchmail rule when password data are the same of fetchmail tokens (see http://forum.artica.fr/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2087)
1.4.021217: Add a new feature that allow to route messages between servers with the same SMTP domain name (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/menudocm ... ls-servers)
1.4.021917: Fix unable to add a new relayed domain (empty screen).

System Changes:
1.4.020413: Fix artica-install take too much CPU.
1.4.020701: Improve LVM features and re-design Hard disks management section.
1.4.020701: Improve LDAP settings in order to allow authenticated users connecting trough LDAP server.
1.4.020101: Remove the "automatic" watchdog features in order to increase performances, now the watchdog feature must be enabled.
1.4.020719: Fix error EAccessViolation : Access violation $080948F0 $0809333D $08049C46 on setup-suse
1.4.020719: Fix error EAccessViolation : Access violation $080948F0 $0809333D $08049C46 on setup-mandrake
1.4.020722: Adding Mandriva 2010 support.
1.4.021223: Add a new feature to play with the /etc/hosts file (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/artica-a ... osts-file-)
1.4.021312: Add new function that Disable "scan your networks" icon if nmap is not installed
1.4.021312: Re-design the NTPD section.
1.4.021501: Add a new feature "explorer" (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/artica-a ... ugh-artica)
1.4.021522 Add a new feature "explorer" for end-users (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/artica-a ... -user-mode)
1.4.021522: Add a new function that help you to repair Artica LDAP branch if it was corrupted.
1.4.021817: Add possibility to add multiple hosts extension in the SSL certificate.
1.4.021919: Adding a new watchdog that kill ghost "artica-update" process (process does not run since 45mn)
1.4.021919: Fix artica did not find apache mod libraries in Mandriva distribution.
1.4.022102: Fix missing package gcc-c++ in setup-mandrake.
1.4.022102: Re-design the DHCP server section.
1.4.022119: Adding Zabbix support.

File Sharing changes:
1.4.020701: Fix cannot add printers when there is spaces in the usb printer linked path
1.4.021201: Introduce new feature safe-deposit box in order to crypt users home directory.
1.4.021522: Fix error NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE cause sambaLMPassword and sambaNTPassword are not saved.
1.4.021522: Fix design errors when playing with File Sharing section in user settings.
1.4.021623: Add a search Engine on the storage system like Google (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/samba-fi ... ke-google-)

Interface Changes:
1.4.020101: minor tweaks on Organization's interfaces.
1.4.020101: Improve Setup Center interface.
1.4.020301: Fix unable to set the domain in the SSL certificate infos.
1.4.020301: Remove the shutdown button when disconnect.
1.4.020101: minor tweaks the Interface design.
1.4.020916: Update fr language.
1.4.020916: Fix german words are inserted in US language.
1.4.021010: Adding a notification in the interface when artica-update is processing.
1.4.021012: Fix error animated gif is not refreshed after adding aliases or emailing aliases.
1.4.021012: Fix unable to define organization privileges in group section.
1.4.021501: Update FR language.
1.4.021522: Update FR Language.
1.4.021613: Fix user cannot change email aliases in end-user front-end
1.4.021613: Fix user identity informations are not saved when there are accents.
1.4.021623: Update FR, PO languages.
1.4.021817: Update FR, PO languages.
1.4.021919: Update FR,PO,ES languages.
1.4.022018: notifications of New products versions are displayed is same failed services method.
1.4.022102: Update FR,PO,ES languages.

Groupwares change
1.4.021901: Support OpenGoo/Feng Office
1.4.021922: Fix mysql queries error when creating users in OpenGoo.
1.4.021922: Support auto create IMAP Account in OpenGoo when synchronizing LDAP users.
1.4.022018: Allow to use SSL in groupwares section.
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