1.4.031417: bugs fix and new features

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1.4.031417: bugs fix and new features

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Groupwares change
1.4.022319: Introduce GroupOffice Groupware.
1.4.030302: Include automaticaly zend extension if /usr/local/ioncube/ioncube_loader_lin_5.2.so is detected.
1.4.030612: Adding automaticaly an http vhost redirecting to an https vhost is SSL is enabled in groupware organization.

Messaging Changes:
1.4.022319: Fix urls errors on MailMan.
1.4.022319: Fix sometimes, the Postfix SMTP SSL is not enabled.
1.4.022621: Adding possibility to manage cyrus-imap iPurge service.
1.4.022800: Introducing postfix Multiples instances
1.4.030101: Introducing ASSP on postfix Multiples instances
1.4.030302: Fix time files could not be created in postfix-logger because /etc/artica-postfix/cron.1 directory is not created.
1.4.030302: Fix milter plugins are not fully removed in postfix main.cf.
1.4.030521: Redesign Rules for Kaspersky For Milter Edition, now rules are only available in organbizations not in groups in order to improve performances.
1.4.030612: fixed kavmilter[17271]: Invalid value specified for SendmailPath on Mandriva systems.
1.4.030618: Improve behavior defense against error: /var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp
1.4.031017: Fix unable to activate SASL in the interface.
1.4.031017: Rebuild totally Kaspersky For Mail Server and Kaspersky Anti-Spam interface.
1.4.031118: Fix unable to release quarantine mails.
1.4.031222: Adding possibility to remove milter-greylist in setup Center.
1.4.031222: Adding possibility to remove Postfix in setup Center.
1.4.031317: Fix incorrect understanding value for milter-greylist activation :Artica daemon did want to enable milter-greylist.
1.4.031317: Fix unable to start policyd-weight when administrator did not set any parameters in policyd-weight after enabled the plugin. Now artica will auto-generate a default configuration file.
1.4.031317: Adding a new Auto-block feature: when Postfix generate "SASL LOGIN authentication failed: authentication failure": If a sender generate more than 15 times this event in one hour, Artica build an IpTable rule to block the sender.

Interface Changes:
1.4.030101: Adding a notification to NOT USE internet explorer in Administrator front-end management.
1.4.030112: Fix unable to start service trough the "Manage services" section.
1.4.030302: Increase performances on low bandwith (if any box is displayed,no background refresh is performed)
1.4.030302: Remove sql queries in end-user interface.
1.4.030302: Remove Inbound parameters settings on user account if Postfix is not installed.
1.4.030302: Update FR, PO languages.
1.4.030317: Remove ERROR 500 if a link to the LDAP server cannot be established.
1.4.031300: Update FR,PT,ES languages.
1.4.031417: Consolidate the Export organization to a remote server feature.

System Changes:
1.4.022410: setup-debian and setup-ubuntu : Remove podlators-perl for debian systems
1.4.022500: Adding possibility to disable Zabbix and change the IP of Zabbix server for the Zabbix Agent.
1.4.022621: Fix loop when starting Samba for the first time.
1.4.022621: Adding possibility to manage Virtual IP addresses.
1.4.022716: Adding basicConstraints = critical,CA:false tokens in certificate.
1.4.030200: Fix scheduler did not run if PID is a null value in pid file.(see http://forum.artica.fr/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2187)
1.4.030200: Introduce Hamachi VPN network.
1.4.030302: Adding parameters to disable or to limit CPU for folder size indexing process.
1.4.030317: Adding possibility to disable OCS web server.
1.4.030401: Fix unable to display LVM options when the disk is not entirely LVM formatted.
1.4.030521: Improve artica-make when upgrading cyrus. Sometimes cyrus-imap use the latest Berkeley DB found on the system but not the Berkeley DB version used by the system. artica-make will patch MakeFile files to prevent this behavior.
1.4.030612: Fix wrong status for ASSP when notify new available version.
1.4.031021: Adding VPS servers compatibilities.
1.4.031021: Fix Artica didn't found syslog file on CentOS.
1.4.031021: Adding behavior on low server memory (512Mb): Artica disable clamav daemon and zabbix if the server memory is lower than 750Mb memory installed in order to safe main softwares such has postfix/samba/Mysql
1.4.031021: Fix error when ionice is not allowed :Artica use ionice ( http://linux.die.net/man/1/ionice ) in order to decrease IO DISK consumption of Artica's script. Now artica check if it allow to use ionice if error : "ioprio_set: Operation not permitted" is found.
1.4.031021: Fix error when "/proc/diskstats" missing When server did not store "/proc/diskstats" ( http://www.mjmwired.net/kernel/Document ... ats.txt#14 ), Yorel's scripts die before creating graphs if /proc/diskstats file is missing.Script has been updated to detect this behaviour.
1.4.031021: Fix error when "/proc/partitions" file is missing the command "fdisk -l" failed.And Artica is unable to list Hard drive informations. Artica will now detect this behaviour and switch using "df" command in order to detect disks
1.4.031222: Fix error starting clamd dameon: now artica did not trust the init.d/clamd script, it launch itself the clamd dameon in order to prevent bad default values.
1.4.031417: Consolidate multiple virtual IP addresses features.

Proxy Changes:
1.4.030317: Adding a watchdog in sysloger: If dansguardian claim that squid is not available, artica will start it automaticaly.
1.4.030317: Unable to access to Kaspersky For Proxy License information.
1.4.030401: Fix errors on background page when C-icap detect viruses (see viewtopic.php?f=38&t=2197).
1.4.030401: Adding Kaspersky Antivirus For Proxy server events in viruses Events.
1.4.030401: Adding a new feature that auto block web sites according Kaspersky detection.
1.4.030612: Fix errors when POST with Kaspersky For Squid.
1.4.031317: Fix unable to disable banned files extensions in Dansguardian.
1.4.031317: Improve the SQUID starting process in artica-install.
1.4.031412: Adding possibility to update the urls blacklist pattern database
1.4.031412: Adding possibility to display urls blacklist databases versions and status.
1.4.031417: Fix error on graphs generation when imageantialias() function is not compiled in GD library.

File Sharing changes:
1.4.030521: Fix non-existent folders are not deleted in Samba configuration file.
1.4.030612: Fix HomeDirectories are not automatically forwarded/modified accordind Organizations dedicated storage.
1.4.030612: Adding possibility to add a sub directory for homes directory in dedicated storage.
1.4.031222: Adding possibility to remove Samba in setup Center.
1.4.031222: fix error save_EnableBackupAccount /usr/share/artica-postfix/ressources Line:692 Error number 21 when editing user.
1.4.031222: Add a new notification to force Administrator to update the Domain Administrator credentials. Without this operation, linking a workstation to the domain should failed.
1.4.031300: Adding possibility to edit Logon script in each Artica group (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/samba-fi ... each-group)
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