1.4.032901: bugs fix and new features

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1.4.032901: bugs fix and new features

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Proxy Changes:
1.4.031501: Supporting Malware Patrol - Block List - http://www.malwarepatrol.net
1.4.031511: Fix wrong acl in squid for Malware Patrol database.
1.4.031917: Change compilation directives in order to support Ubuntu 9.10 when doing Dansguardian 2.10.x upgrade.
1.4.031917: Fix permissions errors on /tmp with Clamav and Dansguardian.
1.4.031917: Adding possibility to uninstall DansGuardian trough Setup Center
1.4.031917: Adding possibility to delegate filtering rule to a specific group.
1.4.031917: Improve dansguardian rules application.

Interface Changes:
1.4.031511: Adding support of specials characters in user id
1.4.031917: Fix unable to delete an organization.
1.4.032015: Fix unable to upload organization to an external artica server
1.4.032015: Fix unable to access to organization quarantine report settings.
1.4.032700: Rebuild the front-end web page.
1.4.032718: Adding possiblity to disable system notifications in the front-end (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/artica-a ... index-page)

File Sharing changes:
1.4.031917: Adding possibility to uninstall Kaspersky For Samba trough Setup Center
1.4.032018: Adding possibility to remove pure-ftpd trough Setup Center.
1.4.032300: Fix groups logon script are not applied when creating an user after saving the logon script in the group section.

Messaging Changes:
1.4.031917: Adding possibility to delete a quarantine message
1.4.031917: Fix artica did not delete expected quarantine area.
1.4.032014: Adding a new feature allows to specify a Max days to live in the storage area.
1.4.032014: Adding New SpamAssassin version available notification
1.4.032015: fix can't exec /usr/lib/cyrus/bin/nice on schedule: No such file or directory when enabling cyrus squatter service.
1.4.032018: Rebuild Spamassassin front-end
1.4.032300: Rebuild Fetchmail settings builder. Now rules are stored into the Mysql database instead LDAP database in order to prevent bad preg_match parameters.
1.4.032318: Fix unable to detect fetchmail version number when upgrading to latest fetchmail version.
1.4.032718: Adding a wizard for creating a new mailbox.
1.4.032718: Remove possibility to create a local domain if cyrus-imapd is not installed in Organization domains section.
1.4.032722: Adding possibility to define if a relayed domain is a trusted domain or not.
1.4.032801: Fix unable to save relay host settings in postfix routing section.
1.4.032801: Fix unable to upgrade SpamAssassin to the latest version.
1.4.032813: Adding possibility to block some attached files direclty in the postfix connexion (based on extension name).
1.4.032816: Fix unable to set Sender Settings
1.4.032901: Adding a new function that try to determine if smtp_sender_dependent_authentication and smtp_sasl_auth_enable must be enabled in order to enable Postfix to create SMTP authenticated session trough ISP.

System Changes:
1.4.032318: Adding a new function in charge of cleaning /tmp temporary directories (especially when using DansGuardian)
1.4.032318: Adding a new feature that allow to import users periodically from Microsoft Active Directory Server (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/artica-a ... mportation)
1.4.032400: Allow to add SMTP domains even postfix is installed in order to set domains in DHCP server settings.
1.4.032415: Fix unable to save DHCP settings if "Artica Has Gateway feature is disabled"
1.4.032712: VmWare compliance: Artica is now able to detect if it is installed inside VMWare server and allow to install VMWare tools if it is not installed.
1.4.032718: Adding possibility to install phpLDAPAdmin.

Artica for Kaspersky Mail Appliance 1.2
Removing Zabbix auto-installation
Fix error displaying system performance graph.
Removing logs in installation process from ISO.
reduce Kaspersky Anti-Spam 3.0 update frequency to each 10mn instead each 20mn
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