1.4.040602: Bugs fix and new features

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1.4.040602: Bugs fix and new features

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Messaging Changes:
1.4.032914: Fix wrong chmod for /etc/fetchmailrc in fetchmail start procedure.
1.4.032914: Add a new feature for forged mails.
1.4.032914: Improve main.cf configuration file generator.
1.4.032917: Fix artica did not generate fetchmail configuration file with fetch-all parameter.
1.4.032917: Improve fetchmail server pooling time configuration generation.
1.4.032917: Add new possibility to reload fetchmail process trough artica Interface.
1.4.033003: Add possibility to see the Remote Artica SMTP Synchronization table in postfix routing table.
1.4.033003: Add a watchdog in Remote Artica SMTP Synchronization process that did not import routing table of an user stored on the remote server Datbase AND the local server database.
1.4.033018: Adding $rcmail_config['dont_override'] = array('index_sort','trash_mbox','sent_mbox','junk_mbox','drafts_mbox'); in roundcube configuration file
1.4.040102: Fix unable to block users to send Internet.
1.4.040118: Editing/adding user operation will start the change roundcube users parameters in mysql database
1.4.040602: Adding a new wizard in order to build an IMAP cluster mode.

Interface Changes:
1.4.032917: Change the System Config Tab order before personal tabs
1.4.033003: Dialog boxes are now displayed on the top page, not on the middle page for better visibility.
1.4.033003: Adding possibility to disable ClamAV notifications updates in top-right corner tooltips on the main index administrator page.
1.4.033117: Now Artica will try to define the default language in the logon page.
1.4.033102: Redesign user account section.
1.4.040118: Change the statistics section to Ajax mode.
1.4.040120: Fix unable to delete selected users in the members group list section.
1.4.040321: Minors design changes.

System changes :
1.4.032917: Fix Debian 4.x and Ubuntu 8.x did not find libmail-spf-perl package when installing postfix base trough setup-ubuntu and setup-debian.
1.4.033003: Fix error parsing NMAP results when upgrading NMAP to 5.x
1.4.033003: Adding a new watchdog to kill ghost cpulimit processes.
1.4.040321: Fix PowerDNS start procedure. Sometimes PowerDNS did not find local ldap server.
1.4.040321: Fix DHCP configuration, now DNS server number 1 & 2 are set has first DNS instead using Artica server dns servers first.
1.4.040321: Adding a new wizard for backup tasks. Improve backup tasks features.

Proxy Changes:
1.4.033018: Add possiblity to import a black list domains by copy & past in a text area.
1.4.033102: Change the ICAP structure configuration between Kaspersky For Proxy Server and squid for better performances
1.4.033102: Fix error on office_network SQUID acl when no network set.
1.4.040102: Fix unable to POST information with 1.4.033102 version.

Artica for Kaspersky Mail Appliance
1.4.033003: Sometimes the Kaspersky Updater take 100% CPU, a cpu limitation feature has been added to prevent this behavior.
1.4.033117: Add a new Wizard on first connection in order to build first settings.
1.4.040321: Add a new wizard and Redesign Kaspersky Retranslator section.

File Sharing changes:
1.4.040118: Adding possibility to import computers from a copy/past list.
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