1.4.042611: Performances improvements

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1.4.042611: Performances improvements

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WARNING ! This version change the Postfix structure from LDAP to Hash,
try it before make it into production mode.(see 1.4.042316/messaging)

System Changes
1.4.040918: Fix unable to enable Artica has First DNS in DHCP section.
1.4.040918: Resdesign the computer section.
1.4.041301: Performances improvements.
1.4.041514: Finish monit (has new system monitor) implementation.
1.4.041514: Fix Artica DNS is not set in DHCP configuration.
1.4.041815: Enable possibility of turning off the computer trough the interface.
1.4.042410: Support "Alternative PHP Cache" feature that increase Artica performances (see http://www.php.net/manual/en/book.apc.php)
You need to install apc for php to enable this feature :
apt-get install php-apc (debian/Ubuntu)
yum install php-pecl-apc (centos)
zypper install php5-APC (OpenSUSE)

Interface Changes:
1.4.041002: Change the navigation of the main sections.
1.4.041514: Introduce cache system.
1.4.042410: Fix "}" error caracter in lighttpd config file when RoundCube is not installed.

Messaging Changes:
1.4.041514: support new parameter : smtpd_sasl_exceptions_networks
1.4.041602: Improve the Imap importation feature, no can schedule the feature and give more informations. (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/menudocm ... box-server)
1.4.041815: Fix unable to upgrade SpamAssassin.
1.4.041912: Fix unable to display mail.log events.
1.4.042002: Adding hack protection for POP3 attacks.
1.4.042002: Adding possibility to backup mailboxes without need to shutdown the mailbox service.
1.4.042002: Adding possibility to restore a mailbox in the messaging user's account section.
1.4.042316: Adding possibility to change the the mailboxes storage location.
1.4.042316: Every mailbox deletion operations are logged by Artica.
1.4.042316: Adding possibility to rebuild all mailboxes in one organization.
1.4.042316: Adding possibility to include automatically mailling list group members in mailing list section.
1.4.042316: Now Postfix is detached from LDAP in order to prevent LDAP corruption and OpenLDAP queries for each received mail .
This structure return back to hash files. In this case :
- Performances are better
- A corrupted LDAP database has no impacts on the messaging.
- The main.cf is more readable.
When upgrading, you just need to do a Save & Apply in messaging section.

1.4.042420: Support new feature sender_bcc_maps for duplicate mails when sending outgoing mails

Proxy Changes:
1.4.040722: Introduce NTLM authentication.
1.4.041016: Fix unable to set authentication by LDAP group in Dansguardian.
1.4.041912: Fix unable to open Performances and Scanner settings in Dansguardian.
1.4.041912: Fix unable to delete a Dansguardian main rule.
1.4.042420: Adding possibility to manage request_body_max_size request_header_max_size reply_body_max_size parameters in SQUID

Artica for Kaspersky Mail Appliance 1.2
1.4.040918:If enabling retranslator local Kaspersky products will use the retranslator databases.

File Sharing changes:
1.4.041815: supporting "hide unreadable" token for shared files.
1.4.041815: Adding possibility to shares folder using Rsync in the Explorer.
1.4.042002: Adding possibility to add a local directory in the backup process.
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