1.4.040923: Performances issues and bugs fix

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1.4.040923: Performances issues and bugs fix

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Interface Changes
1.4.050916: Change the left menu style.

System Changes
1.4.042701: Fix unable to import Active Directory Members when using only Proxy on Artica.
1.4.042701: Fix cache binaries locations engine (sometimes the binaries location provide the wrong binary path).
1.4.043019: Adding an option to disable completly disk scan size.
1.4.043019: Supporting new distribution Ubuntu 10.04.
1.4.050203: Fix unable to activate NTP server.
1.4.050312: Adding a watchdog for Mysql configuration. Under 550M installed memory artica will switch mysql configuration to lower settings.
1.4.050316: Adding a new Max Load limit in artica performances that stop all artica processes operations if system load reach it.
1.4.050501: Adding a new function that limit the executor to only 2 processes at the same time in order to not stress the system.
1.4.050501: Adding a new tooltip in the right pan to inform if an lshw task is running (lshw consume CPU).
1.4.050818: Fix php5[xxxx]: segfault at xxxx ip xxx sp xxxx error 6 in php5[xxx+xxx]
1.4.050818: Add new shared memory process via ipcs in order to safe I/O loads to get common parameters.
1.4.050818: Add a cache system for administration web page.
1.4.050818: Adding a systemv5 and shmop function verification (some distribution did not compile PHP5 with shared memory enabled (eg Mandriva).
1.4.050902: Adding load monitor when schedule php process each 10,20,30 seconds.
1.4.050902: Set max process number to load at the same time depends on CPU number and memory installed in the scheduler. For example: 1 CPU and 512Mb memory only one process is executed at the same time
1.4.050902: Disable apache-groupware when memory installed is under 512Mb,there is no sense to provide such feature under this performance.

Messaging Changes:
1.4.042701: Adding possibility to change the sieve daemon listen IP
1.4.042701: Fix unable to set message_size_limit token in Messages restrictions area.
1.4.042802: Introduce Zarafa has new major collaboration Suite
Artica technology has decided to define Zarafa has the main project supported by Artica suite.
Zarafa offer scalabilities, flexibilities required by Artica.
Currently only main services are provided :
- WebMail,
- Shared calendars.
We plan to provide all features including Smartphones push mail,CalDav Zarafa commercial features...

Artica provide these features :
- Easly installation trough the Setup Center (Zarafa version 6.40.00)
- Watchdog
- IMAP Hack preventions.
- Connexions statistics.
- Web server management.
- Migration tool in order to migrate mailboxes from Cyrus to Zarafa.

Note: Be carrefull for cyrus-imap users in production mode :
Zarafa provide it's own IMAP/POP3 server, when installing Zarafa, Artica will change Cyrus ports to
1110,1143,1993 in order to prevent listen ports conflicts.

1.4.043019: Fix Global LDAP Addressbook in RoundCube see all of LDAP branchs.
1.4.043019: Fix unable to install Zarafa.
1.4.050110: Supporting "nokeep" Fetchmail token.
1.4.050312: RoundCube Max Upload size drive the global PHP upload size setting.
1.4.050312: Fix error on dedicated RoundCube web server did not start cause wrong username is passed in config.
1.4.050316: Fix Postfix did not undertsand blocked extensions feature.
1.4.050818: Fix unable to create fetchmail rule since 1.4.050110 version (missing nokeep field in mysql table);

File Sharing changes:
1.4.043022: Activate Passive Port Range for PureFTPD.
1.4.050318: Adding the possibility to change the netbios name in Samba.
1.4.050501: Fix unable to save computer information in dedicated computer form.
1.4.050521: Full ACL support both on the system trough explorer and for Samba parameters.
Fix unable to set ACL when group name contain spaces caracters.

Proxy Changes:
1.4.050110: Fix unable to edit the Dansguardian warning template.
1.4.050818: Improve the Squid blocking site engine.
1.4.050818: Improve Dansguardian log parser.
1.4.050916: Adding a new option "bin/artica-make APP_SQUID --configure" to dispaly artica squid compilation directives.
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