1.4.051818: new Squid statistics/SquidGuard support

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1.4.051818: new Squid statistics/SquidGuard support

New postby admin » Tue May 18, 2010 4:46 pm

System Changes
1.4.051717: Fix artica did not delete old tmp files
1.4.051717: Adding a new watchdog that delete old clamAV files.
1.4.051717: Adding possibility to install phpMyAdmin trough setup center.
1.4.051818: Fix artica-update wants to update clamav all the time.

Messaging Changes:
1.4.051623: Fix unable to set multiple listen Interfaces in postfix.
1.4.051623: Fix wrong transport rules when transfert messages to domains.
1.4.051717: Consolidating PoMMo starting process.

Proxy Changes:
1.4.051623: Introduce squidGuard support.
1.4.051717: Introduce new statistics generation
1.4.051818: Change the cache storage section and fix unable to get cache usage.
1.4.051818: Adding new statistics for websites

Groupwares change
1.4.051719: Fix Group-office installation problems.
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