1.4.070620: bugs fix and drupal support

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1.4.070620: bugs fix and drupal support

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System Changes
1.4.070217: When creating a new user user id is now forced to lowercase.
1.4.070217: Fix unable to perform backup when servername contains (")" caracters (eg:mailserver1.(none))
1.4.070517: Fix backup error using rsync with a non-unix rsync server.
1.4.070614: Now the backup tasks will backup Zarafa database
1.4.070614: Adding backup time calculation in task events.
1.4.070614: Adding a syslog watchdog on kernel segfault (Artica action = email notifications).
1.4.070614: Adding a syslog watchdog on kernel Out of memory (Artica action = reboot).
1.4.070614: Adding a syslog watchdog for Error: Can't contact LDAP server on winbindd (Artica action = restart local ldap)

Interface Changes
1.4.070217: Fix wrong informations sended when using the users & groups section.
1.4.070219: Fix errors displaying organisation informations.
1.4.070402: Improve the organization's domains settings area.

Messaging Changes:
1.4.070217: Adding sslfingerprint and sslcertck options when editing fetchmail rule. (artica is able to get the fingerprint automatically).
1.4.070219: Fix error when creating fetchmail rule for multiple user, token from first user are remplicated in all fetchmail rules.
1.4.070402: Adding feature in order to change postmaster recipient and from email address when sending Postfix SMTP notifications.
1.4.070402: Adding a new feature that allow administrator to switch cyrus imap socket from unix to inet and from inet to unix.
1.4.070517: Fix errors in aliases files.
1.4.070517: Fix socket error permissions on any milters
1.4.070517: Artica daemon will test spamassassin presence before running amavis, if not it install it automatically.
1.4.070517: Fix unable to install Spamassasin trough artica-make.
1.4.070603: Adding DKIM-AMAVIS support
1.4.070615: Fix artica unable to detect RoundCube version when upgrading to 0.4-beta

Proxy Changes:
1.4.070412: Add a new alert when used caches size exceed limit.

Groupwares changes
1.4.070616: Supporting Drupal software, include zen, admin modules and multiple domains.
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