1.4.080521: New features & bugs fix.

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1.4.080521: New features & bugs fix.

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Interface Changes
1.4.073117: Fix minor bugs found on the beach :=)
1.4.073117: Now, display the label name in disk status table.
1.4.080200: Now, display the label name in disks main config area.

Messaging Changes:
1.4.073117: Increase parameters on mailboxes synchronization feature.
1.4.073117: Add possibility to modify SSL certificate informations in Postfix multi-instances.
1.4.073117: Fix wrong informations displayed in postfix queue status in multi-instances.
1.4.080200: Now Roudcube configuration in vhost mode select only the organization has the LDAP NAB and enable the sievrules plugin.
1.4.080301: Adding possibility to disable LDAP addressBook in roundcube vhosts.
1.4.080316: Add a syslog watchdog on "Decoding of p002 (Zip archive data, at least v2.0 to extract) failed, leaving it unpacked: Compress::Raw::Zlib version 2.017 required--this is only version 2.012" (artica Action = install newest Zlib version)
1.4.080316: Improve the queue monitor interface.
1.4.080316: Add a new section allowing SuperAdmin to query the mail backup area.
1.4.080501: Improve artica-filter performances.
1.4.080501: Add a syslog watchdog on cyrus/lmtp[18838]: IOERROR: not a sieve bytecode file * (artica action = compile sieve script)
1.4.080501: Add a syslog watchdog on relay=[]:2005, said: 430 Authentication required (artica action = reconfigure lmtp in main.cf)
1.4.080501: artica-filter support in postfix multi instances.
1.4.080517: Support sa-learn-cyrus that provides a Junk Learning process for Spamassassin from cyrus mailboxes, the interface has been rebuild for this support, end-users can enable this feature in the Artica end-user interface

System changes
1.4.080301: Allow LDAP server binding multiple IP addresses.
1.4.080501: Add Ubuntu 7.10 support
1.4.080517: Possibility to enable watchdog on each daemon on services status Center
1.4.080521: Add possibility "for debian systems" to manage the Kernel version. This feature has been developped especially when Installing systems trough Artica ISO.

Proxy Changes
1.4.080316: Fix wrong status on C-ICAP.
1.4.080318: Add possibility to modify the SQUID master cache type.
1.4.080501: Enable ipv6 acls only on squid 3.1.x
1.4.080517: Fix directory specified in srv_clamav.VirSaveDir in c-cicap is not managed by artica.
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