1.4.090101: OCS, BackupPC, WebDav support and bugs fix

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1.4.090101: OCS, BackupPC, WebDav support and bugs fix

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Proxy Changes
1.4.081200: Add possibility to set a pattern in the Local SQUID network section
1.4.082313: Allow to specify external LDAP server for user authentication.
1.4.082313: Add specifics FTP informations parameters.
1.4.082600: Add conditions in proxy.pac for an added proxy.
1.4.082617: Fix unable to activate Kaspersky For Proxy server in modules area.
1.4.082617: Add a license checking function for Kaspersky For Proxy server.
1.4.082700: Add new feature that enables SSL interception in order to send web SSL pages trough antivirus.
1.4.082717: Minors tweaks in ICAP configuration directives.
1.4.082717: When using transparent mode, is SSL interception is used, Artica will configure SQUID to use transparent SSL mode.
1.4.082717: Possibility to run C-ICAP and Kaspersky Antivirus at the same time.
1.4.090101: Add compatibility for squid 3.1.7 on ssl-bump token see (http://bugs.squid-cache.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3012)
1.4.090101: Change C-ICAP acl to catch IP in header instead set ip source.
1.4.090101: Add possibility to restart all services with a button.
1.4.090101: Add notice to force upgrade for squid down to 3.1.6 version.

Messaging Changes:
1.4.081200: Fix cannot add SMTP server in the organization when using multiple postfix instances.
1.4.081200: Fix unable to create senders BCC and recients BCC in postfix when using multiple postfix instances.
1.4.081200: Add possibility to purge a single mailbox in administrator web interface and end-user web interface.
1.4.081223: Improve PostfixInstant Iptables feature.
1.4.081415: Add possibility to schedule quarantine PDF reports for each user (the last HTML report was removed for performances issues).
1.4.082102: Add a syslog watchdog on amavis[5302]: (!)_DIE: Suicide in child_init_hook (artica action = restart amavisd)
1.4.082116: Fix unable to restart policyd-weight cause monit take the hand.
1.4.082417: Fix separator token error and adding prefix option for synchronize mailboxes features (imapSync).
1.4.082812: Fix command-lines parameters that did not reflect the mask for synchronize mailboxes features (imapSync).

File Sharing changes:
1.4.081200: Activate symbolic links by default in Samba.
1.4.081613: Adding possibility to play with file sharing in user's Home directory in the end-user interface.
1.4.081616: Fix unable to FTP login with Pure-ftpd
1.4.081913: Fix wrong parameter "wide symlinks" change to "wide links" in samba.
1.4.081913: Starting MLDonkey support
1.4.082102: WebDav support for users Home Directory
1.4.082401: Starting BackupPC support.
1.4.082919: Starting OCS Inventory Support.

System Changes:
1.4.081402: Support enable/disable clamav unofficial updates.
1.4.081613: Fix wrong DHCP server status when running on Ubuntu 8.04
1.4.082313: Unable to perform NMAP scanning to a targeted computer.
1.4.082417: Fix downloading problems on RPMForge for setup-centos.
1.4.082717: fix missing packages php-pecl-json, php-pecl-Fileinfo, php-dom in setup-centos for Roundcube on CentOS 5.3
1.4.083016: OCS Linux Agent support, administrator is able to install OCS Linux Agent from Artica web console.
1.4.083023: Add "Automatic computers injection" feature that replicate OCS database to Artica LDAP Database.

Interface Changes
1.4.081200: Add new feature (in beta mode) enables mass mailing tasks with artica !
1.4.081402: Fix unable to change the Unique identifier trough interface.
1.4.082600: Support specials characters when changing the Manager password.
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