1.4.110301: Bugs fix and 64Bits compatibilities

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1.4.110301: Bugs fix and 64Bits compatibilities

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Interface Changes
1.4.100321: Fix certificate information form did not reflect saved values.

Proxy Changes
1.4.100219: fix error on ftp_epsv and ftp_epsv_all when squid version is under 3.1
1.4.100222: Add possibility to run a database check on urls db filters each day.
1.4.100300: Fix unable to change the squidGuard web HTTP service port.
1.4.100321: Add UfdbGuard Web Filter support
1.4.100321: Add feature to tune system/squid performances.
1.4.100415: Add possibility to get the configuration file from Artica Interface.
1.4.100600: Improve Artica Interface when Adding or deleting squid caches.
1.4.101201: Support AddZapper in order to kill ads on the fly.
1.4.101201: Add possibility to modify Squid templates errors trough Artica Interface.
1.4.101215: Fix Artica will not set External LDAP authentication method.

System Changes:
1.4.100117: Add possibility to create bridges between virtuals interfaces and main interfaces.
1.4.100321: Improve the setup center execution
1.4.100321: Fix sometimes Clamav failed to be compiled.
1.4.100600: Add a watchdog for LDAP (not available or overloaded).
1.4.101215: Fix artica did not create directory database for Apache WebDav.
1.4.101821: Add DropBox support (http://www.dropbox.com).
1.4.101900: Fix security issue : Artica is affected by a directory traversal issue, because of improper sanitization of 'mailattach' parameter in script images.listener.php (thanks to Mehul).
1.4.101912: Remove "log" mysql database from Backup.
1.4.101912: Add possibility to disable MONIT smtp notifications.

Messaging Changes:
1.4.100119: Add possibility to restrict senders addresses only to internal domains in multiple instances method.
1.4.100218: Fix unable to open user's Inbound parameters section.
1.4.100218: Add a whatchdog on cyrus/imaps[29036]: unable to get certificate from '/etc/ssl/certs/cyrus.pem' artica action => rebuild certificate.
1.4.100218: OpenDKIM software support.
1.4.100514: Add automatically virtuals IP in milter-greylist whitelist
1.4.100514: Add new plugin DecodeShortURLs in SpamassAssin.
1.4.100600: Add possibility to change hostname in multiple postfix instances.
1.4.100918: Add a watchdog on warning: mail_queue_enter: create file maildrop/*: Permission denied artica action => rebuild permissions.
1.4.100918: Add to possibility to Import distribution lists from MS Exchange in organizations.
1.4.101201: Fix mails are duplicated when combines Artica-filter and duplicate mails features.
1.4.101210: Unable to change cyrus-imapd configuration trough artica interface.
1.4.101601: Add possibility to forward mails to an external email address.
1.4.101601: Add possibility to Hide Client (MUA) System addresses from messages headers.
1.4.102515: Starting OffLineImap support.
1.4.102812: Re-design the WhiteList and Blacklist admin popup.

Groupwares changes
1.4.100415: Fix wrong default value when adding a new RoundCube sub-domain for the Global Address Book.
1.4.100415: Add possibility to install Sql based Global Address Book in roundCube both single instance and multiples instances.
1.4.100623: Add subscriptions_option,msglistcols,remember_me,dkimstatus,jqueryui,sticky_notes,password roundcube plugins by default.
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