1.4.120100: load balancing, QOS support and bugs fix

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1.4.120100: load balancing, QOS support and bugs fix

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System Changes:
1.4.110315: Fixed Zabbix installation problems.
1.4.110315: Fixed wrong status of tftpd.
1.4.110315: Fixed unable to install Artica on Centos 5.5 64Bits (setup-centos)
1.4.110315: Fixed invalid token MaxSessions on sshd under 5.0 version.
1.4.110611: Fixed cannot add new computer using MAC address.
1.4.110718: Turn some artica scheduled processes to daemon mode in order to reduce the server load.
1.4.111216: Add a bandwith monitor in the admin front page.
1.4.111322: Fully PPTP VPN connexion support on both act has a VPN client or act has a VPN server.
1.4.111816: Introduce Debian repositories mirroring feature.
1.4.111816: Modify proxy settings in artica global configuration will set proxy in debian apt configuration too.
1.4.112112: Add possibility to disable computers auto-discovery feature.
1.4.112121: Update NMAP to 5.31.
1.4.112814: Add new feature that able to manage Q.O.S service.
1.4.112817: Add possibility to activate LDAP synchronization on both client OR server.
1.4.112822: Fix rename organization task did not update Mysql tables associated to organizations.

Messaging Changes:
1.4.110322: Crossroads support has main load balancing service.
1.4.110721: Add auto DNSBL tests in order to inform administrator if the server is listed in DNSBL black lists.
1.4.111216: Fix unable to create mailing list.
1.4.111522: Fix unable to move cyrus mailbox directory to another directory.
1.4.111623: Add possibility to schedule cyrus squatter every day at time.
1.4.111711: Add watchdog for Amavis: connect_to_ldap: bind failed: LDAP_INVALID_CREDENTIALS : Artica action notify and rebuild amavis configuration (admin dn should be changed after last amavis start daemon operation).
1.4.111711: Add watchdog for Zarafa: zarafa-dagent error * error code: * Artica action notify and try to find orphans users and rebuild stores.
1.4.111711: Add watchdog for Zarafa: Unable to login for user *, error code: 0x8004010F : Artica action notify and check user's store.
1.4.111800: Add New feature "Mass mailboxes migration"
1.4.112121: Add Instant Iptables status in the Postfix status area.
1.4.112401: Add possibility to modify amavis templates notifications.
1.4.112417: Add possibility to search messages in queues in order to delete them.
1.4.112818: Fix permissions errors on amavisd-new templates since 1.4.112401 version.

Groupwares changes
1.4.110412: Removing plugin contextmenu seems not compatible with last RoundCube version.
1.4.111416: Add anti-hack for the RoundCube WebMail system.
1.4.111711: Fix wrong path for ldap plugin in zarafa cause duplicate installations (one from older Artica versions and one for installed the pre-compiled Zarafa version).
1.4.111717: Fix unable to create a sub-domain for members Artica Interface.
1.4.111800: Fix sometimes the Zarafa front-end page freeze cause plugins has been set (fixed by disable plugins directory).

Proxy Changes
1.4.110600: Minors bug fix on proxy section (templates, statistics...)
1.4.110600: Add squidClamav support.
1.4.111501: Fix banned computers filter feature is not applied in squid configuration.
1.4.111718: Fix unable to open Banned websites features in squid filter section.
1.4.111803: Remove IPv6 addresses for localhost.(prevent aclParseIpData: unknown first address in '::1/128' error)
1.4.111910: Fix : Bungled squid.conf line 95: http_access allow whitelisted_computer after upgrade to 1.4.111816
1.4.112019: Fully SARG support.
1.4.112102: Add a purge feature for Squid Mysql events table.
1.4.112513: Re-design the url filtering section.
1.4.112513: Fix ufdbugard is not enabled when squidclamav is enabled.
1.4.112600: Improve procedures to growth websites community filters.
1.4.112614: Add OpenDNS service support.
1.4.112614: Fix sarg statistics generation by calculate the genration from the current day.

File Sharing changes :
1.4.112119: Add SSLBridge support

Interface Changes
1.4.110611: Fixed mimedefang introduction text in NTP section.
1.4.111623: Fix infinite loop on RoundCube new version warning.
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