1.5.010105: bugs fix and Global Management features

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1.5.010105: bugs fix and Global Management features

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Happy new year !!!

Proxy Changes
1.4.120200: Fix unable to add websites on personal categories.
1.4.120200: Adding a process PID structure when exporting or importing Artica community web filter databases.
1.4.121317: Add "error while loading shared libraries" detection error when starting squid. : Artica action notify and re-install squid.
1.4.121317: Add enforce-https-with-hostname,enforce-https-official-certificate,https-prohibit-insecure-sslv2 support on ufdbGuard.

Messaging Changes:
1.4.120200: Fix error set Amavis on multiple instances mode when instance have no ip address.
1.4.120422: Fix duplicates clamscan processes running at the same time when perform the mailbox antivirus checking task.
1.4.121317: Fix error "*" is not valid for "whitelist_from_rcvd", skipping: whitelist_from_rcvd *
1.4.121317: Add Zarafa on 64bits support.
1.4.121400: Fix artica did not detect Zarafa version on services status.
1.4.121419: Fix Artica did not change postfix port when ASSP is enabled.
1.4.121419: Fix milter-greylist status is turned to off when ASSP is installed and enabled.
1.4.121419: Add watchdog for Fix error postfix/postmap[7294]: warning: /etc/postfix/lmtpauth: logical line must not start with whitespace: "?cyrus:secret" : Artica action verify the right value
1.4.121419: Add watchdog for master[25238]: fatal: open lock file *: unable to set exclusive lock: Resource temporarily unavailable : Artica action notify, perform special checking processes and restart postfix daemon.
1.4.121419: Now when adding Organization it is automatically enabled has Zarafa organization.
1.4.121701: Fix cannot change acls on cyrus mailboxes.
1.4.121916: Support Ipv6 listen address in single postfix instance.
1.4.121917: minimal_backoff_time, maximal_backoff_time,bounce_queue_lifetime,in_flow_delay,default_process_limit tokens support in postfix multiple instances.
1.4.122415: Fix saslauthd is not started when starting postfix. (add a checks to ensure saslauthd is started).
1.4.122415: Fix saslauthd parameters are not changed when changing the LDAP settings.
1.4.122415: Fix Postfix Regex issues and redesign the form.
1.4.122415: Add a new feature : Move Postfix queue in RAM for both postfix multiple instances and single instance.

System Changes:
1.4.120422: Adding possibility to enable/disable Apache groupware trough system section
1.4.120422: Adding possibility to enable/disable Clamd service trough system section
1.4.120422: Fix unable to stop clamd daemon.
1.4.120422: Fix in some cases, artica-status did not find the mysqld process in order to generate mysqld status.
1.4.120422: Add new feature FreeWebs that allow creating illimited Web users spaces .
1.4.121419: Add a new verification for DHCPD server, if no Interface Card is specified, artica will try to find the best Network interface
1.4.121701: Adding a watchdog on artica-status, sometimes, the daemon freeze and need to be restarted.
1.5.010105: Add new watchdog on "dhcpd: receive_packet failed on X: Network is down" Artica action= restart dhcp service.

File Sharing changes :
1.4.120422: Improve pure-ftpd user database checking (using 2 databases, local and LDAP).
1.4.121916: Add new feature allowing users to upload photo to picasa Web service from their Home Directory

Interface Changes:
1.4.120422: Should be Internet Explorer, google Chrome, Safari, Opera compliance.
1.4.120615: Fix unable to register on Artica Meta console trough Artica.
1.4.120615: Add artica will send now load, memory, disks informations trough Artica Meta.

Artica Meta changes (global Linux Management console):
1.4.121419: Compliance for Adding Organizations and SMTP domains.
1.4.121522: Compliance For Adding/Editing users on remote Artica servers.
1.4.121522: Possibility to launch Artica update tasks from the meta console.
1.4.121819: Possibility to change the hostname on remote Artica servers.
1.4.121916: Adding a watchdog for Artica meta agent, artica-status, artica-background, artica-executor.
1.4.121916: Display servers failed to communicate in the main page status.
1.4.121916: Allow to change the communication pooling between Artica-Meta and remote servers.
1.4.121916: Add possibility to define a maximal number of events on the Artica-Meta database.
1.4.122415: Add possibility to define privileges in added servers groups.
1.4.122418: Add possibility to change Internal networks of a remote server.
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