1.5.020121: piwigo & sabnzbd support and bugs fix

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1.5.020121: piwigo & sabnzbd support and bugs fix

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1.5.020121 (release):

System Changes:
1.5.010721: Add possibility to install/Upgrade awstats trough the setup center.
1.5.011714: Adding a watchdog of "ata3.00: status: { DRDY ERR }" -> artica action, reboot the system and notify.
1.5.012111: Adding a watchdog for automaticaly cleaning the swap when execeed a % or MB (defaut:20%)
1.5.012710: Fix undefined function "pcntl_signal" on OpenSuse cause missong php5-pcntl SuSe package.
1.5.012717: Fix Artica was unable to find LDAP binary on OpenSuse 11.3
1.5.012717: Add possibility to change the Network interface Broadcast.

Messaging Changes:
1.5.010721: Add a watchdog for zarafa-gateway[10881]: Unable to listen on port 110 artica action: notify and restart service
1.5.010721: Fix prevents specials characters in passwords in imapsync commandline.
1.5.010819: Fix artica-make did not reconfigure postfix after a successfull Zarafa server installation.
1.5.011101: Add maximal_queue_lifetime support in postfix multiple instances.
1.5.011115: Improve quarantine manager: possibility to select multiple items
1.5.011115: Improve quarantine manager: possibility to view message source.
1.5.011115: Fix ionice issue on quarantine messages when using Artica on a VZ OpenVZ container
1.5.011618: introduce awstats has the main statistics generator for mails events...
1.5.011714: Fix : fatal: bad string length 0 < 1: myorigin = after updating to 1.5.011623
1.5.011914: Fix artica is locked to find zarafa-admin has "/usr/local/bin/zarafa-admin" but is should be stored in other path.
1.5.011914: Now when creating user, artica save default values on Zarafa user automatically if zarafa is installed.
1.5.012518: Fix: Unable to create mailbox when /etc/saslauthd.conf does not exists, Now artica create it itself.
1.5.012518: Add a watchdog on amavis for "custom checks error: Insecure dependency in connect while running", artica action = Check perl Compress::Raw::Zlib version
1.5.012710: Add a watchdog on postfix : warning: TLS library problem: 1672:error:02001002:system library:fopen:No such file or directory:bss_file.c:122:fopen('*','r'): artica action = rebuild certificate.

Proxy Changes
1.5.010602: Fix scripts that run weekly and monthly sarg statistics.
1.5.010721: Prevent permissions errors on /var/log/squid when starting squid by Artica.
1.5.011518: Now artica force squid to write 2 logs files: one in apache mode and second in squid format for Sarg generation.
1.5.020121: Add possibility to allow Instant messengers trough the squid proxy.

VPN Changes:
1.5.011101: Fix artica show openvpn status OFF but the process still running.

File Sharing changes:
1.5.012021: Fix Unable to to save Samba password when password store specials characters.

DHCPD Changes
1.5.011115: Adding the service status on the index section.

Groupwares Changes
1.5.011115: Adding "piwigo" support.
1.5.011914: Adding "sabnzbd" support.

Virtual Machines changes
1.5.011218: it is possible now to set VirtualBox NAT ports trough Artica local interface.
1.5.011501: Add host load and memory information in the Virtual Machines section.
1.5.011501: Fix unable to display virtual Machines statistics in Artica.
1.5.011503: Adding possibility to set the memory balloon for a VirtualBox guest Virtual Machine.
1.5.011518: Adding possibility to set the memory for a VirtualBox guest Virtual Machine.
1.5.011518: Adding possibility to set the vram size for a VirtualBox guest Virtual Machine.
1.5.011714: Adding possibility to kill a virtual Machine process if it freeze.

Interface changes:
1.5.011323: Adding possibility to delete an user just by removing the LDAP branch without delete any other information
1.5.011623: Add possibility to disable SSL for the Artica Web frontend.
1.5.012518: Now each access to the logon page is logged in the Artica Events and can be sended by eMail.

Artica Meta changes (global Linux Management console):
1.5.010201: Add possibility to change Postfix Networks settings trough Artica Meta.
1.5.010216: Add possibility to lock Network, reboot or shutdown, sshd, explorer features on Artica Local console.
1.5.010216: Add possibility to Enable/Disable Postfix plugins trough Artica Meta.
1.5.010320: Add possibility to play with DNS entries on remote server trough Artica Meta
1.5.010602: Add possibility to manage web sites (php/mysql) trough Artica Meta as "Artica FreeWebs" feature.
1.5.010721: Add possibility to define awstats options on FreeWebs websites.
1.5.010819: Add possibility to install new applications and softwares trough Artica Meta (replicate the Artica setup center).
1.5.010819: Fix Artica Meta tasks Manager sometimes stay infinite in memory. The process will now die when execution stay more than 30Mn in memory.
1.5.011001: Add possibility to perform network scanning trough Artica Meta.
1.5.011001: When editing/Adding a computer on remote server, the remote server will send computer modifications trough the global management console.
1.5.011101: Add possibility to add/edit/delete groupwares trough Artica Meta.
1.5.011218: Remote Artica server Send now Virtual Machines list to Artica Meta GLobal Management console
1.5.011501: Add "Trash" behavior in Artica Meta that able to send bad servers to trash before deleting them.
1.5.011501: Adding possibility to stop/start/restart VirtualBox Virtual machines trough Artica Meta
1.5.011518: Now Artica has a virtualizer sends Virtual machines events to the Global Management console
1.5.011618: Artica report fetchmail rules to Artica
1.5.011819: Add possibility to manage fetchmail rules trough Artica Meta.
1.5.011819: Add possibility to disable possibility to change SuperAdmin account trough Artica Meta
1.5.011819: Add possibility to disable any operation on the Artica Setup control center trough Artica Meta.
1.5.011914: Add possibility to change the Super-Admin account trough the global management console.
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