1.5.030101: New features & bugs fix

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1.5.030101: New features & bugs fix

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Messaging Changes:
1.5.020317: Add a full PostScreen support has a new Postfix Anti-Spam technology both on single instance and multiple instances.
1.5.020402: Fix unable to start eMailRelay instances for SMTP notifications and massmailing when smtp server destination contains spaces.
1.5.020402: Fix minor error :chown: cannot access `/usr/local/man/man1/mailq.1': No such file or directory
1.5.020402: Fix error fatal: open database /etc/postfix-(instance)/sasl_passwd.db: No such file or directory artica will create an empty file if SASL is not set
1.5.020402: Now when adding/deleting a Postfix instance, Artica will restart all postfix instances automatically instead waiting configure them in order to make it in production just after press button.
1.5.020514: Fix Unable to download/Upload Instant IpTables patterns from Artica Communities.
1.5.020514: Add "Domains throttling" feature for single instance and multiple instances.
1.5.020920: Artica filter has been optimized in order to consume less CPU.
1.5.020920: Fix errors while trying to found daemons directory in postfix multiple instances.
1.5.020920: Add a watchdog on "Unable to find company id for object" for Zarafa, artica action: try to repair user.
1.5.021016: Fix error installing amavis en OpenSuse cause krb5-config is located in obscure path "/usr/lib/mit/bin/krb5-config"
1.5.021016: Add Debian 6.0 support for Zarafa.
1.5.021016: Fix unable start Zarafa on CentOS 5.5 64Bits cause using different libraries location.
1.5.021016: Fix unable to start Zarafa-web cause Apache using a different libraries modules location.
1.5.022001: Fix templates issues when using Postfix+stunnel.
1.5.022120: Adding new SpamAssassin channels sought.rules.yerp.org and saupdates.openprotect.com
1.5.022213: Installing Zarafa will disable & shutdown automatically cyrus-imap daemon.

Proxy Changes
1.5.021722: Introduce a new watchdog for ufdbGuard web filter addon.
1.5.021722: Improve Artica community databases updates mechanisms.

Groupwares Changes
1.5.020402: Fix Artica did not build apache specials directories on CentOS for FreeWebs features
1.5.020402: Fix Artica did not find Apache PID on CentOS for FreeWebs features.
1.5.020402: Fix unable to start Apache because there is no vhost saved before starting the first time FreeWebs. In this case Artica create a default one has the name of the server in order to start Apache with an empty config.
1.5.021722: Fix wrong parameters set in Apache when listen address is set to null.
1.5.021722: Support new 6.x SugarCRM version.
1.5.022213: Disable Apache groupware will turn all websites to Apache standard.

System Changes:
1.5.020402: Fix PEAR path is not set in the php.ini file when running Artica on OpenSuse and CentOS.
1.5.020402: Fix sometimes some tables are not created in Mysql Artica databases.
1.5.020920: Fix Artica did not remove logs less than 1Go
1.5.021016: Fix cannot install lessFS on CentOS 5.5 cause missing /usr/include/mutils/mglobal.h in standard package
1.5.021819: Adding possibility to ban artica editing/modify/Adding entries in /etc/hosts file.
1.5.021900: Fix configurations on network routes for debian system.
1.5.021914: The full fqdn hostname is now set in "Redhat" networks styles.
1.5.021920: Fix undefined loop when trying to update/compiling clamav engine when there is no clamav user on the system.
1.5.022120: Add automatically installing/Manage vnStat in Artica...
1.5.022201: Add possibility to upgrade OpenLDAP server (be carrefull of this feature, only when required).
1.5.022201: Fix misconfiguration on Debian systems Networks.
1.5.022201: Add a new function that delete old installation sources files.
1.5.022201: Add automatically VnStat installation process.
1.5.022218: Add possibility to enable Emerging Threats feature in combination with ipTables.

Interface changes:
1.5.020514: Fix unable to load javascript necessaries files under Chrome and Safari.
1.5.022201: Fix wrong product versions are displayed and infinite loop on some products new versions notifications (eg: Squid).

File Sharing changes :
1.5.020602: Fix after installing Samba trough setup Center, Artica did not refresh automatically Samba components.
1.5.020602: Fix roaming profiles function did not create user directory and permissions under profile path.
1.5.020602: Fix unable to build a Primary Controller under OpenSuse because Artica is unable to detect nsswitch libraries.
1.5.020920: Add new feature that allow artica to support new "deduplication" storage technology.
1.5.021819: Add minors improvements on samba configuration file.
1.5.021914: Now Change Samba settings doesn't need to restart service.
1.5.021920: Fix nss_ldap misconfigurations that did not reflect system groups with ldap groups.
1.5.021920: Fix owner group and acls group see twice on the acls folder section.
1.5.021920: Minors improvements will creating groups (groups start in GUID 5000 position).
1.5.021920: Fix Artica is unable to see samba (smbd) process in memory when upgrading samba to 3.5.6
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