1.5.040118: New features & bugs fix

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1.5.040118: New features & bugs fix

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Messaging Changes:
1.5.030114: Fix unable to set "Senders Computers restriction" options.
1.5.030117: Add Zarafa attachments storage Support feature in server.cfg
1.5.030213: Add Spell checked support feature in Zarafa WebAccess.
1.5.032319: Add a new feature called VIPTrack
1.5.032319: Add a new feature that allow adding global BlackList and WhiteList domains for the whole anti-spam plugins.
1.5.032319: Add new graphs and charts for the blocked connections and Content filtering threats.
1.5.032319: Add a new feature help to check the Postfix Queue.
1.5.032319: Add a new feature that allow to find messages history from single Web Page.
1.5.032323: Fix unable to reject messages from a maximal recipients number.
1.5.032500: Add Bcc checks in maximal recipients feature.
1.5.032611: Fix minors issues concerning VIPTrack feature.
1.5.032619: Add a delay between notification in VIPTrack feature.
1.5.032619: Introduce SMTP securities policy synthesis.
1.5.033002: Add a new solution for issue with lmtpunix../.. DBERROR db4: Logging region out of memory; you may need to increase its size

System Changes:
1.5.030210: Adding possibility to unlink PowerDNS From Artica (to turn PowerDNS to Mysql Database for example)
1.5.030213: Every 1440 minutes (24Hours), Artica do a mysqlcheck,myisamchk, Optimize and repair tasks on all mysql tables stored in artica_backup and artica_events databases (a report email is sent after performed task).
1.5.032319: Fix passwords with specifics characters (eg $!%()...).
1.5.032500: Fix EFOpenError : Unable to open file "/etc/init.d/slapd"
1.5.032500: Fix /etc/cron.d/artica-cron-quarantines is generated every time.
1.5.032619: Fix status report on Mysqld Daemon.
1.5.033011: Adding possibility to drive the RBL checking for the server.

Interface Changes:
1.5.032619: Add possibility to define global privileges in the organization area.

FreeWeb Changes:
1.5.032319: Fix issues with FTP authentication.
1.5.032319: Add a new feature that allow to enable LDAP authentication for the website.

Proxy Changes:
1.5.032319: Now, Whitelisted computers bypass the URL filtering engine.
1.5.032319: Adding more graphs and charts and categories statistics.
1.5.032611: Fix issue when changing the main cache path
1.5.032611: Introduce WhiteListing method in web filter engine.
1.5.040117: Sarg statistics generation is disabled by default.
1.5.040117: Improvements on Artica Statistics generation.

File Sharing changes
1.5.040117: Winbindd is now disabled by default except if Active Directory connection is set.
1.5.040117: Minors improvements on Samba engine.
1.5.040117: Bugs fix on SSLBridge on CentOS systems
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