1.5.050100: bugs fix and new features

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1.5.050100: bugs fix and new features

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System Changes:
1.5.040120: Fix unable to create some tables in Mysql.
1.5.040120: Adding more options for the own artica RBL checking feature.
1.5.040300: Add a new icon in order to easly change the system clock
1.5.040300: Improve PowerDNS section.
1.5.040316: Add a feature to create a Syslog server or to send syslog to remote syslog server.
1.5.040402: Fix AutoFS automount[xxxx]: connect_to_server: lookup(ldap): cannot bind to server.
1.5.040402: Add a new engine to repair crashed Mysql tables (if table cannot be recovered, artica will destroy it and rebuild it (may loosing datas)
1.5.040415: Improve - rebuild and fix automounts features (AutoFS)
1.5.040801: Improve - rebuild the Network section.
1.5.040808: Adding possibility to delete all artica events items.
1.5.040808: Fixed bugged interface in DHCP hosts section.
1.5.040813: Fix unable to start AutoFS daemon when there is no scheduled mounted paths.
1.5.041016: Fix unable to add AutoFS ressources for the first time.
1.5.041114: Fix privileges are not correctly set.
1.5.041114: Add possibility to define privileges under user account section.
1.5.041212: Fix HTTP Error 500 on redHat systems since release versions.
1.5.041500: Fix unable to change DNS servers trough Artica.
1.5.041502: Fix unable to start AutoFS (artica was not able to count connected sources).
1.5.040920: Fix unable to use setup-centos when some "yum" command-line parameters are hidden from the system (especially on VPS servers).
1.5.042001: Rebuild and enable DNSMasq management capabilities.
1.5.042120: Add possibility to add Webdav connexions trough automount feature.
1.5.042902: Fix delete an entry in /etc/hosts delete all entries.
1.5.042902: Fix unable to re-link PowerDNS with Artica.
1.5.042902: Disable mysql threads watchdog when zarafa is installed and running.
1.5.042902: Add a new report when system is overloaded, now Artica send the lsof extraction.

Messaging Changes:
1.5.040202: Add possibility to disable Artica SMTP statistics generation tasks .
1.5.040402: Add possibility to upgrade to postfix 2.8.2
1.5.040501: Increase performances while parsing statistics
1.5.041016: Fix unable to start Artica-policy (missing sockets.so link in php.ini)
1.5.041021: Add a new Feature called "PostFinder"
1.5.041201: Spamd daemon is now disabled when using Amavisd-new
1.5.041201: Add possibility to upgrade amavisd-milter to 1.5.0 and amavisd-new 2.6.0
1.5.041201: Add a new feature in order to monitor amavisd-new processes usage.
1.5.041221: Support new Spamassassin plugin : PhishTag
1.5.041300: Add a new interface that display/enable some available Spamassassin plugins.
1.5.041300: Corrupted messages are now automatically moved from Postfix "corrupt" queue to "drop" queue
1.5.041500: Add a new watchdog for Amavis that able to detect an amavisd child CPU hang process and able to automatically react if the child process take too long time to live or is freeze with x0% CPU during a predefined time.
1.5.041500: When detecting bad socket on Amavis, Artica will restart only amavisd-milter not amavisd daemon and milter.
1.5.041502: Fix unable to parse/calculate local iptables rules.
1.5.042902: Add postfwd2 support for both single instance and multiples instances.
1.5.042902: Increase automatically maxproc in master.cf according number of amavisd servers.
1.5.042902: Fix amavisd/Spamassassin detection rate issue according wrong permissions on spamassassin folders.

Proxy Changes:
1.5.040300: Fix duplicates entries in Mysql database when parsing HTTP requests events.
1.5.040813: Fix unable to download Web communities categories.
1.5.040920: Allow to add Squid Cache Manager feature.
1.5.041002: Adding possibility to reconstruct all caches in one click.
1.5.041002: Rebuild the `cache` section.
1.5.041115: Add possibility to allow all networks in SQUID networking mask.
1.5.041500: Add possibility to add manually web sites in categories

File Sharing changes
1.5.040402: Fix unable to compile scannedonly daemon.
1.5.041016: Fix unable to enable remote LDAP server feature in Samba.
1.5.041112: Adding new "greyhole" software support has a Samba realtime backup service.
1.5.041500: fix incompatibilities between Samba and AutoFS (automount).
1.5.041719: Add new feature that allow to define users/groups quotas on each partition.
1.5.042117: Add possibility to change files/directories chmod attributes.
1.5.042117: Fix some libnss misconfigurations

FreeWebs Changes
1.5.040920: Add possibility to restrict Websites access with IP addresses.
1.5.041710: Add ServerSignature and ServerTokens parameters support.
1.5.041710: When adding a mysql user, Artica now add 'localhost' privileges.
1.5.041710: When deleting a web site, Artica now delete the directory.
1.5.041710: When deleting a web site and if the Mysql user did not handle other database, Artica delete the mysql user.
1.5.041710: Fix misconfiguration on Allow section.
1.5.042117: Add possibility to share a Web site trough WebDAV.
1.5.042120: Add possibility to change the Charset in virtualhosts.
1.5.042201: Add possibility to enable QOS en virtualhosts
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