1.5.060109: Bugs fix & new features

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1.5.060109: Bugs fix & new features

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1.5.060109 (release)
File Sharing changes
1.5.050600: Adding "Strict allocate" option support in Samba
1.5.050600: Consolidate move an artica group to a samba group
1.5.050600: Consolidate update user password function
1.5.050815: Rebuild ACL/Unix Permissions interfaces on directories.

Interface Changes:
1.5.050600: Fix Chrome incompatibilities on network section.
1.5.052616: Optimize interfaces when more than 5 postfix instances are created

System Changes
1.5.050600: Add possibilities to create VPS server trough artica (see http://www.artica.fr/index.php/computer ... ith-artica)
1.5.050901: Fix UidNumber is not incremented in LDAP db and stay in 2000 position.
1.5.050901: Adding S.M.A.R.T information on each disk.
1.5.051115: Add possibility to create VLAN network ip addresses
1.5.051122: Fix unable to change the main ip address trough Network settings.
1.5.051602: Add possibility to manage LXC containers on RedHat systems such has Fedora (exclude CentOS)
1.5.051721: Finish first VPS step now VPS architecture is officially open.
1.5.051723: Fix unable to set "$" or ";" characters in SuperAdmin password.
1.5.052611: Optimize code in order to reduce memory consumption.

Messaging Changes:
1.5.050815: Add a new feature TCP/IP Rotator for both single/multiple postfix instances.
1.5.051115: Add possibility to change the SMTP server address/port in Zarafa.
1.5.051115: Add possibility to visualize all postfix instances in one table.
1.5.051115: Add possibility to create a new instance by replicating parameters from an other instance.
1.5.051400: Add possibility to change language default mailbox folders.
1.5.051602: Add possibility to enable Zarafa Indexer service.
1.5.051602: Add possibility to migrate Zarafa Mysql Database attachments storage to disk storage.
1.5.051602: Add possibility to display technical Zarafa mailbox informations in mailbox account.
1.5.051918: Fix artica was unable to start postfwd2 automatically.
1.5.051918: Adding 2 parameters default_destination_concurrency_positive_feedback and default_destination_concurrency_netgative_feedback
1.5.052611: Adding possibility to create round-robin with weights for multiple instances.
1.5.052616: Fix unable to update spamassassin.

Proxy changes
1.5.050917: Rebuild mechanisms for maintain ufdbguard databases, now you need to schedule and perform compilations. This to prevent high CPU usage and databases compilation corruptions.
1.5.051122: Major bugs fixing according to the ufdbguard config generator.
1.5.051918: Fix statistics was not calculated.
1.5.051918: Fix error 14 when parsing Porn databases.
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