1.5.070100: Bugs fix & new features

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1.5.070100: Bugs fix & new features

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System Changes
1.5.060303: Fix incompatibilities with OpenVMS.
1.5.060303: Fix unable to set DNS2 in NIC interface.
1.5.060303: Fix Anti-hask ssh did not create rules
1.5.060303: adding possibility to compile anti-hack sshd rules manually
1.5.060314: Fix unable to display syslog events on Ubuntu systems.
1.5.060314: When change the port Anti-hack SSH feature will get the new port (for new rules or after re-compiling them)
1.5.060314: Adding country location in SSHD access events
1.5.060503: Fix unable to upload user photo from account.
1.5.060503: Add Snort support has the main IDS system.
1.5.061120: Fix unable to perform backup tasks.
1.5.061123: Add a new watchdog in charge of the PowerDNS memory consumption.
1.5.061300: Add possibility to schedule backup on a local directory.
1.5.061319: Fix unable to start OpenVPN server and rebuild OpenVPN server interface.
1.5.061319: Add possibility to edit networks in snort configuration.
1.5.061319: Add events purge in snort events database.
1.5.061700: Fix unable to connect to remote sites trough VPN (VPN script break the connection).
1.5.062001: Add possibility to enable authentication by username/password on the OpenVPN server settings.
1.5.062001: Add IPDeny support in order to block communications from a specified country.
1.5.062513: Add DHPCD "shared-networks" support.
1.5.062513: Add possibility to display DHCPD leases.
1.5.062812: Fix ipdeny table is not created.
1.5.062900: The system root password can be changed with Artica front-end interface under the same section of the Master Manager password
1.5.062900: Add possibility to fix ip address for VPN clients.
1.5.062900: Add possibility to specify credentials on the Artica siste-to-site VPN client when enable Authentication method on the VPN server
Interface Changes:
1.5.061120: Adding new feature that enables password enforcement policy.
1.5.061319: Fix Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /usr/share/artica-postfix/exec.openvpn.php on line 435
1.5.062423: Allow System administrator to move users to an existing organization.

Messaging Changes:
1.5.060317: Allow users/organization administrators to whitelist from milter-greylist messages to internal user.
1.5.061419: Fix missing postfix-pcre package when upgrading to a new Artica version.
1.5.061419: Fix Artica is unable to set Mailbox acls on sub-mailboxes when using cyrus-imap has backend server.
1.5.062812: Supporting new Zarafa 7.0 version.
1.5.062812: Fix Artica did not restart postfix service when playing with Postfix routing table section.
1.5.062812: Fix unable to enable fetchmail service.
1.5.063000: Artica is able to detect that Zarafa upgrade from 6 to 7 has not been performed and make the upgrade operation automatically.

OpenVPN Changes:
1.5.062812: improve OpenVPN sites-to-sites Tun mode and fix major issues.

FreeWebs changes
1.5.061120: Add mod_security2 apache module support.
1.5.061222: Add mod_evasive2 apache module support.
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