1.5.080101: Bugs fix & new features

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1.5.080101: Bugs fix & new features

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System Changes
1.5.070113: Allow to not set ranges in DHCP server main configuration.
1.5.070114: Add possibility to upgrade to PowerDNS latest version trough compilation mode for Debian/Ubuntu.
1.5.070715: Add GreenSQL support.
1.5.070816: Add proxy mode support for VPN client script generation.
1.5.071123: Improve internal Mysql class "class.mysql.inc" (sometimes the class loose mysql settings).
1.5.071220: Add possibility to add a WINS server address in DHCP service configuration.
1.5.071315: Fix Unable to compile latest PowerDNS version.
1.5.071315: Add possibility to enable PowerDNS trough MySQL.
1.5.071315: Add possibility to install/use PowerAdmin to manage PowerDNS trough Mysql Backend.
1.5.071414: Add a new command "/usr/share/artica-postfix/bin/artica-install --change-initd --force" in order to rebuild and FIX init.d LSB tags
1.5.071414: Add a new information when running auditd on an OpenVZ VPS server, if auditd is not running, a notification is send and audtid is automatically disabled.
1.5.071414: Fix unable to start GreenSQL.
1.5.071420: Adding new LSB tag for artica-postfix init.d script use "/usr/share/artica-postfix/bin/artica-install --change-initd --force" to modify the scripts.
1.5.071420: Adding a function that patching /etc/cron.d/php5, /etc/cron.d/sendmail, /etc/cron.d/awstats in order to remove notifications from these scripts.
1.5.071420: Adding new verbosed entries when executing exec.dhcpd.compile.php --verbose for dhcpd3.conf
1.5.071600: Add possibility to define listen IP addresses for PowerDNS.
1.5.072014: Add a new watchdog when PowerDNS loose connections with LDAP.(artica will restart PowerDNS service automatically).
1.5.072014: Add DNSSEC support in PowerDNS
1.5.072019: Adding possibility to upgarde Mysql server to the latest version.
1.5.072019: change libjpeg-devel -> libjpeg62-devel For SuSe 11.2x in setup-suse
1.5.072019: Remove cyrus-sasl-md5 For SuSe 11.2x in setup-suse
1.5.072019: Fix some errors while installing RPMForge in setup-centos.
1.5.072101: Fix Artica did not write /etc/php5/fastcgi/php.ini on OpenSuze 11.2 system that cause many php modules are not loaded for Artica interface.
1.5.072101: Add possibility to upgrade DHCP server trough Setup center.
1.5.072120: Some VPS providers offer a squeeze distribution but the sources.list is for a lenny : setup-ubuntu or setup-debian is able to detect it and inform that there is a misconfigured sources.list.
1.5.072120: Add a new function to fix issue "insserv: warning: script is corrupt or invalid: /etc/init.d/../rc6.d/S00vzreboot" this is a know bug that setup-ubuntu or setup-debian is able fix on VPS servers.
1.5.072213: Add a new feature that help you to get more than 600Mb memory free (see viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4162&start=0)
1.5.072217: Add possibility to turn MySQL in SSL Mode.
1.5.072217: Add slave mode in PowerDNS section.
1.5.072600: Fix http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=54088 when upgrading to Mysql 5.5.3
1.5.072718: Fix misconfigurations on DNSMasq service.
1.5.072718: Add possibility to use the LDAP backend database in order to resolve addresses using DNSMasq service.
1.5.072718: Fix unable to display DNSMasq events.

Messaging Changes:
1.5.070113: Add z-Push, zarafa-webaccess-mobile in FreeWebs.
1.5.070217: When adding a new contact inside Artica, artica will export automatically Address Book to Zarafa Adress Book Account, an importation task is performed each 2H from Zarafa contacts to Artica contacts addresses.
1.5.071123: Improve Fetchmail rules verifications. If Artica cannot retreive the user email address, the fetchmail rule is not added into the Daemon.
1.5.071123: Fix IMAPHACK, the process did not wait the max events parameter, issue was the first failed connection create the rule instead waiting 10 failed connections.
1.5.071123: Fix timeouts on fetchmail restart local postfix service.If fetchmail timeout are detected, Artica just sends notification and did not try to resolve the issue.
1.5.071220: Fix sometimes the Artica daemon did not detect Amavid-new in memory and try the start the service.
1.5.071414: Fix many amavis reload tasks has been performed by Artica that cause amavis to stop.
1.5.071723: When artica encounter /usr/lib/libinetmapi.so.1: undefined symbol: _ZTIN5vmime6objectE", by default, it automatically re-install Zarafa. (this feature can also be disabled under Zarafa section)
1.5.072019: Improve removing Zarafa using "artica-make APP_ZARAFA --remove" command line.
1.5.072113: Fix unable to compile postfix parameters. (a new link has been added in the top menu).
1.5.072600: Fix unable to define organization to a zarafa organization.

File Sharing changes
1.5.071123: Adding Samba WINS server dedicated section.
1.5.071123: Adding a new feature "Samba Watch" that help to read Samba logs.
1.5.071123: Introduce possibility to create "Virtual samba servers" and affect them to organizations (like postfix multiple instances)
1.5.071520: Add possibility to modify the remote announce feature in samba.
1.5.072600: Fix Artica did not set the /etc/libnss-ldap.conf
1.5.072600: Sometimes, rename a computer did not work. The rename computer function has been rebuilded.

FreeWebs changes
1.5.070816: Add OpenVPN support trough Apache has reverse Proxy.
1.5.071615: Add possibility to restrict FreeWeb LDAP authentification to specified users/groups.
1.5.070918: Add possibility to disable SSLv2 on all web SSL consoles.
1.5.071702: Add possibility to define the default website.
1.5.071702: Add possibility to define a virtualhost has a forwarder to other website.
1.5.071723: Add DNS checking function when creating a virtualhost
1.5.071723: Add mod_cache support
1.5.071723: Add more options in order to tune Apache processes.
1.5.072113: Add possibility to manage aliases in virtualhosts.
1.5.072600: Add Tomcat support for both installation, monitoring and administration.
1.5.072619: Add Group-Office support inside FreeWebs for groupware installation.
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