1.5.112314: Urgent release

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1.5.112314: Urgent release

New postby admin » Wed Nov 23, 2011 2:02 pm

usually there is one release by month.
The September release enables the arpd daemon has kernel replacement.
It seems that this feature enables network issues about corrupted MAC addresses.
This new release enable the aprd daemon but force it to not replace the kernel arp resolution.

Here it is the new features/bug fix onf this release.

System Changes:
1.5.112314: Reduce the kernel level of the Arpd daemon in order to not corrupt ARP table (urgent release).
1.5.112314: Fix unable to disable ARPD daemon.
1.5.112314: Add a watchdog feature of the network configuration file (sometimes the configuration file is empty) in this case, artica rebuild it.
1.5.110219: Add minor optimizations : apache and IpSec service is automatically down if it is not enabled trough the Web interface.
1.5.110219: Add information in order to help Admin to install the OCS Agent directly on Artica server .
1.5.110312: Add possibility to install OCS Linux Agent trough Artica for Artica.
1.5.110312: Increase OCS inventory visibility.
1.5.111415: Fix unable to activate LDAP addressBook trough the interface.
1.5.111415: Totaly rebuild the setup center.
1.5.111902: Add Hamachi From LogMeIn full support (both installation and settings).
1.5.112213: Add possibility to see/edit/delete kernel ARP table in network section.

Proxy changes:
1.5.112314: Fix unable to save settings for the default rule.
1.5.112314: Add more statistics front-end panels.
1.5.110219: add missing feature "Advanced options" (see http://forum.artica.fr/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=4828) .
1.5.110312: Add a new category "Bicycle"
1.5.111415: Add a new category "politic".
1.5.111600: Access logs will be moved to auth.log in order to force Squid using syslog.In this case, the daemon squid-tail is depreciated.This safe memory and I/O has the access.og,squid-tail.log are no longer generated.
1.5.112221: Enable automatic watchdog on Dansguardian.
1.5.112221: change the Dansguardian default template to a more sexy one.
1.5.112221: Fix cannot change settings on the default rule.
1.5.112221: Fix errors on Dansguardian whitelists.
1.5.112221: Fix crash of the Dansguardian tail-logger.
1.5.112221: Move the Dansguardian tail-logger to the syslog watchdog Dansguardian is forced to log in syslog..In this case, the daemon dansguardian-tail is depreciated.This safe memory and I/O has the access.og,dansguardian-tail.log are no longer generated.

Messaging Changes:
1.5.111415: Merge part of freewebs in the RoundCube section
1.5.111415: Merge part of freewebs in the Zarafa section
1.5.111423: Adding z-admin support inside Artica for Zarafa Management Interface.
1.5.111801: Adding a watchdog on amavis about "_DIE: Suicide in child_init_hook: BDB no dbS" error -> Artica delete all databases in /var/amavis/db in order to fiw the issue.
1.5.111801: Add Zarafa Spreed Plugin support in Setup Center.
1.5.111820: Adding a watchdog on amavis about "TROUBLE in pre_loop_hook: TEMPBASE directory is not writable"
1.5.112221: Adding a watchdog on Cyrus-imap about "cyrus/lmtpunix[13165]: IOERROR: opening xx/xx/xxx: Permission denied".

FreeWebs changes
1.5.112213: Adding a warning in FreeWebs panel if the RoundCube Lighttpd engine listen to the Same HTTPS port.
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