1.5.122315: Fedora 16 compatibility release.

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1.5.122315: Fedora 16 compatibility release.

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Messaging changes:
1.5.120821: Rebuild the milter-greylist acl section in both multiple instances and single instance.
1.5.120821: Add a new feature Postfix Multiple instance bubble.(see http://www.artica.fr/download/artica-mu ... bubble.pdf)
1.5.120821: Fix Artica did not display messages stored in queue.
1.5.120914: Add possibility to remove default network calculation inside milter-greylist in both multiple instances and single instance.
1.5.120914: Add possibility to delete/refresh the mailbox list cache in Zarafa Mailboxes list section.
1.5.120914: Add possibility to hook an orphaned store to the public store of an user.
1.5.121712: Add possibility to stop the postfix without trying to restart it.
1.5.121716: Adding possibility to enable ISP mode in the Postfix Network setting (single instance) in order to force Mynetworks to

Proxy changes:
1.5.120821: Adding InstantBlackList update that download little patterns each days to update the blacklist databases.
1.5.120821: Adding possibility to manage Dansguardian banned extension list.
1.5.120821: Adding week/day specific statistics panel section.
1.5.121002: Minors improvements on Web filtering section.
1.5.121100: Add possibility to add Toulouse University blacklists databases with Artica databases.
1.5.121100: Fix Artica did not compile database just after installing Artica.
1.5.121622: Add phishTank databases.
1.5.121622: Add Toulouse University auto-update.
1.5.121712: Add possibility to create Dansguardian multiples times rules.

Load Balancer changes:
1.5.120821: Fix unable to start Load balancers daemons created by Artica.

1.5.120821: Now Artica is able to create Apple Time Machine and AppleTalk shares directory

Interface Changes
1.5.120914: Deleting an user delete the console cache automatically.

System Changes:
1.5.121100: Fix Artica start PowerDNS daemon each 10 minutes. This overload the computer.(see viewtopic.php?f=10)
1.5.121712: Add possibility to force Mysql to bind all Netwrok addresses.
1.5.121716: Fix artica did not schedule logrotate.
1.5.122315: Fix Fedora 16 support on both 32/64 bits.
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