1.6.010302: Happy New year (6 years)

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1.6.010302: Happy New year (6 years)

New postby admin » Tue Jan 03, 2012 2:01 am

This is now the 1.6x version "6" means 6 years...
1 build per month = 6*12 = 72 minor builds


System Changes:
1.5.122521: Add quota system support for both users and groups.
1.5.122600: Add possibility to add several sources ip addresses in the inbound firewall.
1.5.122620: Add possibility to add a range in inbound firewall rules.
1.6.010302: Add possibility to disable InstantLDAPBackup feature trough Artica update settings.

FreeWebs Changes:
1.5.122521: Add mod_bw and mpm_itk_module support.
1.5.123002: Redesign and rebuild A WebDav for each user feature ! (see http://www.artica.fr/download/artica-ap ... liance.pdf)

Proxy Changes:
1.5.122702: Add possibility to tune squid redirectors (see "Redirectors options" section in http://www.artica.fr/download/artica-proxy-guide.pdf manual)
1.5.122901: Remove the check operation when starting Squid, Artica do a chown on squid cache and this operation should take a long time...
1.5.122901: Add possibility to create time rules acls
1.5.122901: Add possibility to create Squid groups and associate Squid groups to several rules.
1.5.122901: Add support of tcp_outgoing_address,negative_dns_ttl,positive_dns_ttl
1.5.122901: Minors designs for more comprehensive mandatories options.
1.5.122901: Update the Proxy documentation for performances tweaks see http://www.artica.fr/download/artica-proxy-guide.pdf
1.5.123101: Introduce Youtube cache streaming.
1.6.010302: Add possibility to define relations between MAC and users in order to resolve the non-authenticated method.

Messaging Changes:
1.5.122918: When deleting an user with Zarafa, Artica ask before if the deleted user's store should be unhooked and should be hooked to other user.
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