1.6.040212: bugs fix

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1.6.040212: bugs fix

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Proxy Changes:
1.6.030613: Fix a major bug that make the Webfilter engine unavailable.
1.6.032310: Add possibility to disable SMP mode in squid 3.2x branch versions.
1.6.032318: Add a watchdog on failed: Preauthentication failed error, if detected, Artica try to re-link the Active Directory connection.
1.6.040212: Major changes, databases categories are now crypted and automatically downloaded.
1.6.040212: Add a new feature "Proxy Booster" that allows to create a cache directory direcly that use only the memory.

Messaging changes:
1.6.030613: Fix unable to create a "IGNORE" action in Global SMTP rules.
1.6.030620: Fix postfix start bad looping when using multiple instance and when detecting a postfix PID issue.
1.6.032411: Rebuild the fetchmail table and add it into the new design.
1.6.032411: Zarafa: Add possibility to set post_max_size upload_max_filesize PHP settings in Zarafa webMail in freeWebs section.
1.6.032411: Zarafa: Fix in some cases the dedicated Web server for Zarafa is displayed in red status while the service is running.
1.6.032913: Zarafa: Add an option to switch from single domain to multiple domains.
1.6.032913: Zarafa: Add automatic Spamassassin learning feature.
1.6.040212: minors bugs fix

System changes:
1.6.030613: Fix a major bug with DNSMasq and resolv.conf, the DNS section has been completly rebuilded. (thanks to Mickbey that found this bug)
1.6.030620: Depends of the debian package resolvconf, artica will build /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base,/var/run/dnsmasq/resolv.conf too.
1.6.030919: Add possibility to secure the phpMyAdmin area (see viewtopic.php?f=10&t=5344)
1.6.031115: Add possibility to force the Web server for Artica Web admin interface to a specific local interface.
1.6.031115: Add ipband support.
1.6.031812: Add watchdog that ensure that /etc/resolv.conf is correctly set.
1.6.031818: Introduce the log rotation management.
1.6.032309: Add possibility to add "Allow" rules in inbound FireWall rules.
1.6.032714: Add logrotate full features (old logs are stored in MySQL and can be displayed).
1.6.032718: logrotate function now trap all rotated logs and inject them into MySQL database.
1.6.032718: Add positive behavior on backup Tasks when discover remote share pattern like user@server in settings.

Multiple Proxy Architectures (Web statistics appliance)
1.6.031812: Add possibility to update Artica Agent on nodes
1.6.031812: Add possibility to update Squid Proxy on nodes.
1.6.031812: Remote nodes report now the last 1500 cache.log lines to the Statistics Appliance.
1.6.031812: Add possibility to enable the ICAP Clamav/C-ICAP Antivirus on remote nodes.
1.6.031812: When scheduling a "restart proxy" task, the statistics Appliance now send order to all nodes in order to restart proxy remotely

Proxy Changes:
1.6.032714: Add cache items stastistics and purge cache objects features.
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