1.2.103011: bugs fixed and prohibit local users to internet

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1.2.103011: bugs fixed and prohibit local users to internet

New postby admin » Thu Oct 30, 2008 10:55 am

Adding support logon to the interface even the ldap server is not reachable.
Fix error in services page status on saslauthd

Adding a new feature that allow you to disable some users to send mails to foreigns domains.
In this case, some users can have access to SMTP trought Internet and some users not.
feature created by zarvox (see viewforum.php?f=26).
see doc (http://www.artica.fr/index.php?ID=1854)

Adding milter behavior support parameter. This option is in charge of driving the "milter_default_action" parameter in main.cf configuration file.
The feature is located in "messaging/Plugins & Addon/Plugins behavior" that allows to enable or disable the Postfix behavior when a plugin damon failed to run or start.
By default, artica set the plugin behavior has "pass", if a plugin failed to run.. The main postfix server will try to pass the mail to an another filter.

fix a bad loop in user creation when no domain in mail address is specified in LDAP.
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