1.2.110810: Bugs fixes

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1.2.110810: Bugs fixes

New postby admin » Sat Nov 08, 2008 1:43 pm

Fix wrong status of pure-ftpd when using inetd server :By default, pureftpd is switched by OpenBSD Internet Superserver, Artica detect this behavior now.
Adding support of "OpenBSD Internet Superserver" in Daemons services status.
Change the services status page, now there are tabs in order to be more readable.
Adding a warning if smbmount is not installed in "Backup Retranslation share" feature.
Fix wrong information in index.cgi (ARTICA-ISO) on Artica-postfix daemon status.
adding build-essential package in Artica-ISO
Fix pure-ftpd Configuration error when pure-ftpd is not installed with full tokens commands
Adding watchdog that disable pure-ftpd inetd integration (better in standalone mode)...
New design on Samba/Pure-ftpd sections.
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