use artica as an intenet facing proxy?

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use artica as an intenet facing proxy?

New postby cbarber » Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:43 pm

Hello all,

Totally new to Artica, found it looking for proxy appliances for esxi. A quick read through the docs and tutorials tells me that Artica is meant to be used to proxy web requests originating inside the firewall destined for external web sites. Ok, totally understandable use case but the exact opposite of what I want to do.

Is it possibly to use Artica to proxy inbound requests from the public network that are destined for a web server inside the firewall? Specifically what I want to do is hide a non-SSL web server (it's an appliance that disapointingly does not support https) behind an outward facing SSL proxy. From the outside, I would send "https://whatever/...", and the proxy would fetch and return the corresponding page from "http://my-internal-appliance/...". Obviously I would have to install a cert on Artica since no cert and no https would be found on the internal appliance.

Is this even possible? Can Artica do this out of the box? I could probably hack something together on a Windows server and IIS but it would be nice to have something purpose-built for this.

Thanks very much for your advice
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