WCCP: https traffic passess - http just drops

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WCCP: https traffic passess - http just drops

New postby zenu » Sun Nov 15, 2015 1:26 am

Hello - new user to the group and application.

I am having a difficult time understanding why port 80/www traffic just drops. If i go to http://www.google.com - it fails.... if i go to https://www.google.com it works and as long as i click any https website it works.

also if i power down the proxy everything works with exception of any proxy functions :)

Some general info:
Home network -
I use a Cisco ASA 5505 with WCCP enabled and i believe it is working
I have a 2008 DC - running only HyperV, DHCP and DNS, DNS on the DC is setup to forward requests to WWW
Artica proxy is configured to do web filtering - DNS is configured on the proxy to point to my DC
Artica proxy is virtualized running on HyperV/DC
For the most part Artica is running its base configuration with exception of websites i am trying to block
Under access control lists - Ports restrictions configuration:
Deny Ports except: Safe ports SSL: 9000, 443, 563, 6667
Deny Ports except: Safe ports: 80, 22, 443 563, 1863, 70, 210, 1025-65535, 280, etc.

greatly appreciate anyone's time and help
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Re: only https traffic passess - http just drops

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