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Configuration Postfix Directly to Internet

New postby ClintBarton » Fri Jun 22, 2018 8:23 am


In the box where I work we want to replace an Esafe, which was previously used for mail filtering, HTTP in both directions, by a Postfix to keep the transit of mail to the outside. Our infra being LAN -> Postfix (or Esafe) -> Firewall -> Internet .The current configuration of Esafe, in Relay Mail, is "Allow eSafe to send email directly to the internet", there is no mail relay to configure.I would like the Postfix to be the same configuration as the Esafe, that is to say that all the mails to the outside pass through Postfix and directly sent on the internet, without there being any relay to to define.So I performed tests, after configuring the server at the network level, by not putting a "Host Relay" in the Logically the mail should follow the default route and exit on the internet. But that does not work ...

Please help.

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