[Ask]realtime request log & Transparent Mikrotik

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[Ask]realtime request log & Transparent Mikrotik

New postby ingenetic » Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:14 am


we've just try Artica Proxy,
so far , it's good for transparent proxy http/https combine with mikrotik, we have 2 questions :

1. We setup same with this link :
http://artica-proxy.com/mikrotik-transp ... httphttps/

and we look, if the proxy machine was restarted ( power down or else ), users which using this proxy can not browsing anything ,after we execute this command :

/etc/init.d/MikroTik restart

After we execute that command, the connection back to normally, is there any way to make the proxy run normally, after the machine restarted ? without we execute that command ?

2. The most important things, that we need the log of "realtime request" in the events including the time stamp, but we only could 500 logs that can export to xls or csv, is there any way to export the logs of "realtime request", at least for 24 hours ? or maybe for 1 week ? including the time of the request it self. ?



Screenshot of realtime request.
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