New Project: Artica For Squid Statistics Appliance

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New Project: Artica For Squid Statistics Appliance

New postby admin » Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:56 pm

Dear Artica forum members.
I'm glade to announce a new freshed project that is called Artica For Squid Statistics Appliance.

This project is designed for companies networks.
It use the Artica has system base but is different than the standard Artica For Squid Project :

This Project is designed to manage multiple proxys on your network and build a Proxy "farm"

It is designed to drive 3 modules :

The first one is the Statistics Appliance:
It is in charge to
- Provides webfilter and antivirus engines
- Calculate/centralize statistics
- Centralize nodes settings.
- Monitor remote nodes.

The second is called TinyProxy (the node).
TinyProxy is a small ISO that provides a Linux system with Squid 3.2x and a remote Artica Agent.
This remote Artica Agent is in charge to report informations to the Statistics Appliance and receive settings.

The third (available in the future) is the TinyBalance.
The TinyBalance is in charge to perfom load balancing between several TinyProxys and balance connections against the Statistics Appliance reports.
The Statistics Appliance is able to calculate TinyProxy performances and judge if TinyBalance nodes must switch connections others available TinyProxys.

Currently there is 2 ISOS "in beta" available on SourceForge
You can display more details here :

Have fun !
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