IT Charters - displayed every day to some users

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IT Charters - displayed every day to some users

New postby kkhals » Thu Dec 03, 2015 11:56 am


the function, to display once to each user the socalled "IT Charters" is helpfull.

for some of our local-members it didnt work,
for other users - all in the same group - it works fine.

for these, where it doesnt work:
- in the tab "events" we see there local-member-name, date and IP-Number from the client,
when they accepted the "IT Charter".
( same entrys like for all users )
- we have only one "IT Charters"

what could be done ?
are there other configuration possibilities ?

I see only "activate" IT-Charters, and to edit our one "IT-Charters" entry.
I don't see other configuration abilities.

all answers are welcom, thanks.

best regards
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