Reverse proxy setup

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Reverse proxy setup

New postby rmit » Tue Jul 28, 2015 2:13 pm

Hi i am a newbee to Artica. Im trying to setup reverse proxy. I have got a Artica iso setup on vmware esxi. I have got my domain registered with my isp provider.
I am however unable to make a successful connection to my backend server. It directs me to the default page only and not to the redirection i applied in artica reverse proxy

Backend server : Apache
domain registered with isp:
domain configured on Artica frontend:
backend server: https://192.168.100.x

I would like to reach https://192.168.100.x/app

My network interface for public access is WAN and strict mode with no masking
Lan interface is LAN and trusted.

I have managed to reach the default webpage of the server but am not sure how to redirect an incoming request to the desired folder on the lan server.
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