Mass Migration does not start

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Mass Migration does not start

New postby rsd » Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:43 pm

I am not able to use mass migration (or I am missing something).

After Inserting a user in a file to be migrated in the organization "Mass Migration" option, it shows the domain, the file name.
imported and terminated lights are red.
members is 0
and there is a play button (run) before the delete one.

Even clicking on the play/run button nothing happens.

I have done this sucessfully in the past and I know the user information in the file is correct.

Artica: 1.5.053100,
offline imap:,
imapSync: 1.359

I bet it is something very basic I am missing.
Is there a log I can look for errors?
Is it possible to run this from the command line (and watch out)?

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